Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twirl, girl!

...or: The Scrap-Circle-Skirt

This is just a real quick post... show you that skirt I made, somewhere in between the running...

It has a full circle shape, that´s why it twirls so nicely...

I think it took around one hour to make it, and it nicely used up all the scraps I had lying around...

and, of course, it perfectly suits Ronny. 

There´s so much going on here, scouts camp preparations and Couchsurfers galore, and a plaster workshop I´ll be attending with Ronja, and a class trip I´ll be going to next week, and the final preparations for our summer vacation in England, and Eva studying for her last exams, and the usual everything else - music lessons, football, scouts - still going on - I feel kinda tired. Tired and happy. Our last couchsurfers - the ones from the midnight concert video - were really nice, and they were - though my tiny video doesn´t show it -  amazingly skilled and dedicated musicians. The minute they arrived, they had their guitars out, were sitting on Eva´s bed, practicing. So Eva and I tiptoed in, and they played their first song for us - that moment was magic. Like a big, fat ray of sunshine blasting in our house.
Since it´s summer, and therefore travel season, we´re getting so many requests, every day, and I wish I could take them in all - everyone sounds like someone I´d love to meet.


Just found those guys, and like them :)

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blissfulsewing said...

This is so cute,thanks for sharing!