Friday, June 8, 2012

Do you love books?

Do you love them so much you don´t stop at reading, but want them with you, on your skin, all day, as a statement, for all to see? And... do you also love tiny, tiny things?

Well, I do.

I´ve seen all those amazing, cute little book bracelets on pinterest - mostly Harry Potter, I must add - and I got jealous. I wanted them, too.

So... where do you buy books? (Or, if you´re like me, anything else?)
On Amazon. I found a bag with 12 tiny books, for 4 Euro, in the dollhouse-section. See? They´re the size of my pinkie.

And you can even flip the pages.Ronja even wrote a few lines on her pages, but Eva and I didn´t - we were scared to break the vulnerable spines.

Because my printer sucks, my friend helped me out with the next step:
Searching bookcovers all over the internet, saving them, resizing them roughly to the size of my miniature books, and printing them.

Next, we gave our little books a coat of acrylic paint.

That´s not necessary. I just like things black. You need to be careful and work with a steady hand, or you´ll get paint on the bookpages. Ronja knew she couldn´t do this, so she left her book blue:
Which looks nice, too. A lot nicer than the black stains under my thumbnail...

When the paint was dry, we glued our little cover on, and covered everything with a thick layer of Mod Podge.

And after the ModPodge had dried, I attached those little metal thingies (oilets? not really?) I got them at the craft store - they were 20 Cents each, and when I saw them, I knew they were made for my books. I don´t know what they are usually for, but they were exquisit for this project. Though, I bet you could take something else - pretty much everything can be attached with super glue.

Sure thing, my first finished book was...
 I added the Hunger Games and The Deathly Hallows to that necklace, as well:
Ha. The Hunger Games had flipped.

Eva used her little Hunger Games book as an earring:

And, of course, we made the Seven Potters:

So... the hardest part about this project was cutting down which books we should use, when we had only 12 miniature books. It was like picking a favourite among your kids... and we had to make the 7 Potter books, and each of us wanted a copy of The Hunger Games, since we´ve read that recently... and then the boys came complaining, because we didn´t leave them any books.

I suppose I´ve got to spent another 4 Euro on doll house books, so we can make The Time Traveller´s wife, and the Mortal Instruments, and Eva´s Magic Girls, and Ronja shall not even get started on the Magic Treehouse :)


I´ve been listening to John Mayer´s new album all week long, and I only just found this song.
I´ve been following Gavin Mikhail for quite a while now, and I´m the proud owner of his albums, all autographed and with a personal note. I love his dramatic, energetic, angry way of singing and playing, he´s very distinguishable. Sometimes, I find him really hard to listen to, but right now, this song makes me smile, so here you are!

Waiting for a life update, among all these craft posts? Hmmm... crafting does take a lot of my time right now. Crafting, and biking, of course. The long hours of the day, the sunshine, all that makes me very productive, and I seem to get a lot more things done than I do during winter time. I´ll try to write a post this weekend, though. Unless I open another project, that is ;)


Creatrish said...

Love this! It's so good!You are so clever! This looks so good! I want to do Amelie Nothomb's collection! I m going to be disconnected from the world for about 3 weeks now cos of the move. So have a great time crafting (and biking) so i will have a lot to read and learn from you when i m back on the net.
PS: Really good song!

creativejewishmom/sara said...

Really adorable, great project! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

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