Monday, June 11, 2012

What I´ve also been up to...

...besides making necklaces and painting myself with flourescent color:
I´ve been stalking on my girls, during their picnic in our willow tent.
We stuck those little willow branches in the dirt, three years ago, and just look how they turned into a jungle! I love jungles!

I made an edible marzipan Harry Potter cake-topper for my friend´s daughter´s birthday. I had this colored marzipan from Amsterdam, and my friend´s daughter is one die-hard Harry Potter nerd - almost as bad as me :) So I was happy for this occasion and couldn´t let it pass!

 I dig how Mehmet looks with Tim´s scarf as a bandana. He should always wear that!

And I let him untangle our Christmas lights. I need them for my next craft project. Unfortunately, they are in such a state it takes several hands, and hours, to free them. I even offered my kids money, but they all gave up after a couple of hours. No I still have that job before me...
 I watched my guys watching football. Well, it´s not always this crammed - occasionally, we do go out to public viewing. I´ll never get what´s so exciting about it, but I´ll happily wave my England-flag tonight :)

I painted one wall pink. It´s quite hard to get a decent photo of it, since it´s surrounded by our staicase, and there are doors all over and only little natural light. That photo thing still needs to be filled. I found it on discount for 5 Euros, and when I saw it, I knew I wanted to combine the bright red with a lovely raspberry shade. Eva, Ronja and Miro love it. Mehmet and Tim are ambivalent - they don´t dare complaining too loudly, though Tim did say it´s quite... um... pink.

And: We´re preparing ourselves for Couchsurfers again! Or, I´m preparing Eva´s bedroom. Our Couchsurfer´s usually sleep in her bedroom, and she moves in with Ronja. In exchange for sharing her room so openly, I clean it. Fair deal.

This time, it´s a family from Singapor, with a 10 year old son and a baby girl, and I´ve been writing emails with their mom for quite some time. She promised to cook Singaporian food for us tomorrow night :)
But tonight, it´s my turn, so I better head off to make some cheesecake, and think about what typical, but still german food I could offer them!


I love this band! Really. they are probably the only German act I respect enough to go to their live shows. In fact, I´ve seen those guys live several times - and they are amazing! They give everything, and they totally capture the crowd.
That song above - it describes the atmosphere in a huge crowd, before and during either a concert or a big match - they keep the lyrics open for interpretation.
When I first heard it, half-asleep, at six in the morning through the radio, it really made me smile all over. What they are singing - to me, it´s exactly true. It happened, and it´s happening again - the bliss of live concerts, whether it´s this band, or Lisa Hannigan, or Tyler Ward. Live shows are pure joy.
And now... I think I´ll go and order some tickets to our next festival :)

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