Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doing the cool things, final: Neon.


This is pretty much the coolest thing I could come up with, and I was looking forward to it all week long, or longer, so I´m making it the final one of my eager postings :)

I ordered a blacklight lamp. It costs around 10 Euro on amazon, and it fits into a regular lamp. Then, after dinner, I darkened the whole lower level of our house, and we started glowing.

We tried several things. Best of all, was, of course, the bodypaint we also found on amazon. We started reluctant, only painting our faces, but it turned, really quick, into a festival-like orgy. Oh joy!
 Did you know that bitter lemon glows? The chinin in it reflects the UV rays. So, you can have glowing drinks.
We also had glow sticks,
and a glow stick spinner.

Then, we opened some neon markers, and had them soak in water. They resulted in glowing water.
Super toxic, I bet, but hey, we´re all old enough not to drink it. And it´s so much fun splashing with glowing water!
 The drawings we made before with the markers also reflected quite nicely, and so did all the messy papers in our shelf.
 Ronja tried which of our books could glow. 

The only thing that didn´t work to our satisfaction were the glowing bubbles. I had found a pin, saying that you could mix bubble-liquid and the stuff that´s in glowsticks, so I opened some and emptied them into the little tube. Unfortunately, the glowing drops only sank to the ground, very pretty, but the fluids are of different density, so they don´t mix.
And if you shake, you won´t get bubbles anymore. 

All four kids stayed up far too long, allthough there´s school tomorrow, and our living room now looks like a mess - there´s glow paint everywhere, on every light switch, on the sofa, on the rope of our swing, and even on the ceiling, since - you guess who-decided to climb up that rope, with her hands full of glow paint.

This was by far one of the prettiest things we´ve done in a while.

While we played, we had Katy Perry´s Fireworks blasting loud, so we could dance around, and it really created a marvelous atmosphere. Still, my music for today, matching the title of the post, can only be:

Start glowing, sweeties :)


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