Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fusion Beads, take II

So, some weeks ago we got fusion beads, or Hama beads, and had lots of fun with them.
Then we found this pin,   and I knew we just had to try it:
...and it worked!

In fact, we didn´t even need the oil, it came super easy out off our little Ikea-bowl.

And it took about five-to ten minutes in the oven.

They melt differently than they do when you iron them, though. The holes get bigger when they don´t get pressed down with an iron, and they have a more glossy look.
Eva thought it looked nice as a hat. She only allowed me to take a photo from her left side, though, since her right eye is swollen shut completely. She woke up with a nasty infection behind it yesterday, and we spent 4 hours in the oculist´s waiting room.

Other than that, we went out to walk for democracy and against Nazis today - something you can´t do often enough over here. Ronja, my experienced partner for demonstrations, especially liked it.
Miro was invited to a party without his brother and managed quite well, and we got seeds, loads of them, to plant some more veggies in our garden - our salad and radish is almost completely eaten. And we want to try to make wildflower seed bombs - I might tell you more about that later!

Music for today:

I found this song last night, when I was assembling a CD for my kid´s piano teacher. She´s an awesome lady in her 50´s, and we often meet, and when we meet, we can never stop talking. I made her a CD with all my heroes, and it was nice sitting here, after everyone was in bed, listening through my collection and going through the mental images related with the music. This song was given to me by one of our Couchsurfers, Haleigh, and I had never consciously listened to it, between all the Mumford and Sons and Regina Spektor music. Last night, I did. And I really liked it.


creativejewishmom/sara said...

Great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday, and thanks so much for the inspiration, I've wanting to make one of these bowls I've got a few huge bottles of these beads! All the best, and hope your daughter's eye infection gets better soon!

HelenClyde said...

Thank you! Her eye is a lot better now, she´s back in school allready!

Creatrish said...

I m going to Ikea tomorrow to get some beads ! your bowl look very good! Nice to see that ur little lady is better! Bank holiday Tomorrow nice one! xxxx