Thursday, May 3, 2012


Recently, my friend introduced me to some strange, completely useless aqua bubbles. She had found an instruction how to make them on the internet, and since she knew I am into stuff like magnetic playdough and dancing oblak, she immediatly thought of me.
Later, it turned out the internet instruction was a hoax, so she surprised me with some storebought bubbles. Which are... interesting.
Apparently, people use these for decoration (whatever...), or to substitute the water in vases (...yeah), but they surely are entertaining.
They bounce, when you pour them, and they are a little slimy. Also, they make a lovely playground for baby giraffe.
 They have a place in the shelf of my kids´ toystore - two weeks ago, a store for bubble tea opened in our town, and my kids go all crazy about it. Now they are playing they sell real bubble tea - I´m thankful all my kids are big enough to destinguish edible stuff from non edible stuff, though, from time to time, I have tro take a play-pretend sip from a plastic cup filled with apple juice, jam and plastic bubbles. Lovely!

So now we know what Aqua bubbles are, too. 

Musically, I think I´ll go with Bubbles, too, today:

There is an official video of this on youtube, but since we have some strange laws about filesharing here in Germany, it´s not possible to view it, even though it´s posted on the band´s official channel, for promo reasons... sigh. If you´ve got the chance to check the official video out, go ahead. It´s awesome. All Biffy videos are awesome. If you like shirtless, longhaired, tatooed skinny men, that is. ;)


Creatrish said...

Never heard of them before, I really really like the song , C'est mon style de chansons et d'homme! But I do thing that he looks better on this photo compare to video! Water bubbles looks like soap bubbles that you can put in a hot bath so it smells nice! Enjoy your apple juice! xxxxx

HelenClyde said...

I knew you were more into "harder" music, and I was sure you´d like Biffy!
It´s about the only band my husband and I agree on.
They are scottish, and I once saw them live, and they were so loud they made my ears explode... but still fun :) Did you watch their video for "The Captain"? That´s fun, too :)
And yes, the longer hair in the picture suits him better.
I just realized where exactly on the big, big map of France you are currently living - Nantes is not that far from Rennes, is it? And of course then you were in Cornwall several times!
But you´ll be moving to Lyon before July 21, I suppose? Argh! That´s bad timing from my side - we should have gone to France last year!

Creatrish said...

Just been on youtube and really like this one too, only live show in UK so far (of course)! Oh no we are moving 12th of June, too bad! But you could come back to France next yea, we are close to the Alps, Swizerland and not too far from Italy. And There is a library in Lyon that you would love as the arch way is made with books! r u tempted???? :-)

HelenClyde said...

Oh, I´m tempted for sure! I never met one of my blog friends in real life, only couchsurfers so far, and I´d love to meet you!
The library - is it the one that´s also all over pinterest? I think both of us pinned it somewhere? That´s really cool! Sounds like a much better library than the small, old fashioned, understaffed thing we´re having here...
We´ve got friends in Southwest Germany, close to the French border, so that could actually be an option :)
And of course, if you feel like coming up to the Rhine - you know you don´t even have to ask :)