Monday, May 7, 2012

Seed bombs.

I´m not really into gardening. The reason behind ripping out certain plants just to replace them with other plants never made a lot of sense to me. However, I like all crafty things I can do around my kitchen table, and I like all things containing the word "guerilla", so when I first heard about "guerrilla gardening", I quite liked it.

So, we checked a little on how to make seed bombs., and gathered our supplies:

Seed bombs are little balls of soil, sand, clay and seeds.
You mix everything, and them form little balls out of it.
Like so.
Then you let them dry for a while, or not, put them in the basket of your bike, or into the pocket of your jacket and throw them on random places that you think could need some flowers.  The clay and soil will, hopefully, keep the seeds from being blown away, and provide them with a little base to start off.

While we were at it, Ronja happily planted sweet peas...
and tagetis...

...and then, we went to the flower market in our town, and got some herbs and flowers to put on our little grey balcony. There are different sorts of mints in the little yellow pot, and - I´m not sure how they will grow here - peanuts, and I´m really excited about the tobacco plant - in a couple of weeks, I´ll harvest it, dry the leaves and see if I can actually smoke a handmade cigarette :)
That´s one of the things I also dislike about gardening... the "in a couple of weeks". You do something, without the satisfaction of seeing immediate results. I´m too impatient for that.
It´s a good thing I have Ronnie for that gardening stuff!!


I really don´t know why I only found this today. It´s awesome, video and song!


Creatrish said...

This look like a good idea, I m sure that my little girls would love to throw little balls of soil and seeds all over the place! Maybe something to do in our new garden! Is Ronja wearing a flower necklace? its so cute! Need to show us when your seeds are up and your first home made cigaretts so coooooooool!

HelenClyde said...

Yeah, sure she´s wearing a flower necklace :)
I don´t expect my handmade ciggies to taste as nice as my favourite Gaulloises, though. So, you´re a smoker, too?