Sunday, April 29, 2012

The usual.

Feels like we can´t let a single weekend pass by without going on extended bike trips...
...into the woods... wade in one of the many river arms and creeks that flow through this region...
...some being brave with their whole body, some only testing them with their feet...
...and we found a tree with a hollow under its roots, and Ronja made it all to the top where even my husband didn´t climb to - can you spot her up there?

We rode to a little lake nearby.

It´s like a 1950´s flashback, the way the buildings look there, and the old fashioned campervans ducked into the valley, the tiny, private open air swimming pool with it´s chipped-off paint, and all the old people, sitting on terraces, enjoying their coffee with cream and cakes. There are even geese, and sheep, you can hear them all the time. Really, the only thing missing are maybe some cowbells... you get them on the way there, though. It´s oh so very, very german.
Everytime I ride there, I feel the desire to start yodeling - I can´t yodel, seriously, but it looks so very sweet, and surreal, that it makes me feel like a whole different person, one of another era.
We got a rowing boat.

Mehmet isn´t amused on that pic, because it wasn´t his turn rowing. Later it was.
That was better, then.
We had to turn around because Ronja´s straw hat fell into the water. So it was wet. As were her shoes, especially after she decided to use them to pour the water out off the boat, to save us all from drowning:
Yeah... so this was how we spent the weekend. Again. Guess what? Tuesday is an official holiday over here. And we´ll do.. what? :)


My kids got very angry at the woman in this video. How dare she fake that accident! The poor guy in the car! He might even loose his driver´s liscense! And the poor, fooled people around! And stealing isn´t fair! And she´s a thief too, for helping them!
Oh, sometimes my kids are so full of moral that it´s embaressing. At least Mehmet noticed the drum set in the corner. He asked me whether it was possible to play the Star Wars theme on one. Um...nope! :)


Creatrish said...

WOW your day look so good! (Love your dress by the way)Cant believe your weather, here its grey and raining everyday! Love hoostabank i will listen to ur version tomorrow as everybody asleep and i dont want to wake them up! Tuesday is bank holiday here too and i m off after that for 4 days YOUPI!

HelenClyde said...

Good weather is on the way!
It was gray and rainy here until Friday, and then the sun came - first in the east, in Berlin, and then to us - so it should be in France in a few days, don´t you think? :)
I hadn´t even heard of that band until yesterday, but I loved them. And enjoy your week off - will you go to Lyon again?

Creatrish said...

No sun today, I keep looking east but nothing yet! Not going to Lyon this time but to my parents house in Le Mans! xxxx