Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Spring makes you like all the things better, don´t you think? 

The warm air, that feels like a bath in a mellow tub.

The grass in the meadow, that´s finally long again.

 Really long!

And we like to RUN!

And our garden - yes, this is our garden - where we never mow our lawn. Well... Tim wants to. But so far, we managed to distract him...

...so it´s slowly turning into a jungle. Which is exactly my intention.
I like the leaves of our young, fresh lettuce. We had some tonight.
Mehmet is still going veggie. Refusing any sausage or meatball you offer him, even if I know he likes it - so we had loads and loads of fresh vegetables - and tofu! - this week. I´d like him to eat a little meat, from time to time, but I admire his dedication.
So, yeah...
 ...spring is lovely.

Did I tell you about our family´s plans for this summer yet?
Oh, it´s gonna be so awesome!
We´ll go to Southengland (I´m sure I told you about that), but we won´t just stay in the trailer we rented in Cornwall, but on our way, we´ll also meet a lovely French family, close to St.Malo, with their two kids and some other Couchsurfers. They live in a big, rural house, and apparently they are some kind of theatre performers, and in the week we´ll visit them, there´s a medieval festival in their town where they participate. And they invited us to join.
And, just as lovely, we´ll "couchsurf" with a really big family - with a community of 35 fundamental christian Hippies in Devon, who are living together, homeschooling their children and having folk music nights every other night. I guess you could call them a "sect", but I feel confident enough in my atheism to respect their ideas, and I´m so looking forward to meeting them. My first and most lovely hostmother was a member of some eccentric church as well, and she was, for sure, one of the most amazing persons I´ve ever met.
I love the exchange of world views, and I´m sure those people will be able to fill my life bucket a little more.

Those are the two who, so far, have replied to my requests, and I´m excited to meet them all! In fact, I´m so excited I´m almost jumping on my sofa like a five year old.

Oh, and when I say we´ll go - I mean literally going. With a backpack, and without a car. We´ll take some trains, and some busses, and the ferry, of course, but this year is the first in which we dare to solely backpack - all of us. It´s gonna be a cheap, ecofriendly, surely exhausting but mulitcultural adventure - the perfect summer vacation!

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Creatrish said...

The sun is here too, late today but finally there! Our back garden jungle is still very wet and muddy so we need to wait before we can actually sit or lay down on it! wow your holidays seems amazing St Malo is a great town, we love it and you will! I m so impressed that you actually all backpacking its really really brave or mad! but you will have lots to tell us! Went to Cornwall 3 times and each time it was great and the weather was wonderful!xxxx tu en as de la chance!