Saturday, April 28, 2012


I hardly ever listen to German music. I prefer English - to communicate, to read, to listen to, to think in, and even to talk to myself - I love to mumble to myself in English. I don´t have the best relationship with my mothertongue, (I don´t have the best relationship with my mother, either...) and often I´m considering writing my whole novel in English - there are so many words and expressions I´m missing in the German language, and if we have expressions for sweet things, I feel like they often make them sound less sweet. German is not a sweet language, not at all.
However, I woke up to this song on the radio today  (I convinced Tim to switch away from that horribly boring talk radio station, where you wake up to the newest stock exchange rates andstories about corrupt politicians that totally turn you down for the rest of the day), and I really liked it. As in really, really, really liked it.
So I´m making one exception today, by posting a song with German lyrics, from a German band. Go, enjoy yourselves:

For those who don´t understand German:
The lyrics are about missing, and yearning. He doesn´t tell a particular story, but mainly threads different words and expressions that are relatable for, I guess, almost everybody, on a line, like beads. The title, "still" means silence. I like how he´s using this strange language I´m living with.

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