Friday, April 27, 2012


Okay, okay, I´m still not perfectly happy with how my blog looks, but it looks a great deal better than the blank-sky-selling-bibles header I sported the rest of the week. On Monday, the idea struck me to give my blog a whole new makeover and try one of those weirdo-interactive designs blogger offers. FAIL. Oh, fail.

I managed to destroy my whole layout, and of course I had to do that in a week that was a) official book week in my school, and b) my husband´s birthday week, so I had no time at all do dig into it and repair it. I still need to put some work into it, but okay, here we go.
At least I can show you the marvelous cake topper I made this week:
Yes, this is edible. It´s marzipan, or almond paste, and I got some brightly colored blocks in Amsterdam.
And yes, I got my husband a canoe trip for his birthday. We´ll be doing it in late may, and I´m looking forward to taking pictures from on the river, instead of next to the river :)

The twins really enjoyed playing with the colored marzipan,
and decorated all the rest of the cake for me...
That would be cool - having real elephants at our river... :)

Miro wants piano lessons. He´s rolling, really. I taught him two simple songs, and every day after kindergarten, he runs to the piano, and says he has to practice. He´s quite motivated, and thankfully, we have that fantastic piano lady, who also happens to be my good friend living just across the street, and she agreed to take him in. Mehmet´s not interested in it at all, and that´s okay. They´ve always had different characters, but this is one of the first things in which they clearly seem to go separate ways - I guess that´s sort of a twin milestone.
And to be fair, I took Mehmet - both of them, in fact, to let Miro try it - to play football this week. And sat there. On the cold concrete, in the rain, waiting for their 90 minute training to finally be over.
Yes, I admit, my heart is more into playing music than into playing football. But I´m trying, see?
On the way back, tired little Miro crashed his bike into a lamppost (yeah...) and hit his FINGER!, so he didn´t practice the piano today. Sssh! Sports!

 The only sport you´ll ever see me doing with pure joy is...
 Riding my bike. All day long.
I still wanted to tell you about that big tour we had, last weekend, right?
My friend founded an activist group that´s building a new bike trail for our town. Building, as in standing on the old railway track, chopping down trees in bushes at minus 15 degree celsius - my husband helped that day, while I took care of all the assembled kids. Or as in selling cookies to raise money - remember?
Or, like last week, as in raising awareness fo the fact that we can never have enough bike trails, so we rode, on the street, escorted by the police, which was great fun for all of us.
We ended our tour in our neighbourtown, where the lucky people allready have their trail - theirs was sponsored by the town - and they celebrated with a beautiful party: yep, t´was fun :)
Tim and I tried all the kid´s entertainement. They even had a machine to ride a bike upside down:
The twins screamed in fear when they saw both of us hanging there simultaniously - I think they feared they could become orphans.

And then we ended up with seven (later only six) kids in our house, all cuddling on the sofa watching cartoons:
Man, I really, really like my life.

Anyways, I just came home after what was probably the first real girl´s night that included my daughters: We watched Dirty Dancing, over at my best friend´s house together with her two daughters, who happen to be roughly my daughters age and their best friends. We giggled and outed our serious Patrick Swayze crushes and drank tea and ate apple slices, so, music for tonight can only be...

We agreed that such a display of masculanity is rare in movies these days... and it does indeed look kinda ridicolous... but then again... only kinda :)


Creatrish said...

I like the fact that you actually right that post and in the middle you just stand back and said "I love my life"! Joyeux anniversaire en retard to your man! WOW your cake look really really good, very impressive! (by the way a friend is going to bring me back some food coloring from USA greaaaat!How does it feel to ride a bike upside down?.....Dirty Dancing aaaaaaah.... need to watch it again!

HelenClyde said...

Ah - food coloring from the USA! Now you can try all those rainbow cupcakes and pancakes we found at pinterest! I´m looking forward to your pics!
Bike upside down feels creepy... my husband liked it, though.