Friday, April 6, 2012

To the sea!

We spent most time of today in our car.

Which wasn´t half as bad as it sounds. The car was crammed to the limits, with two unicycles, four pairs of rollerblades, around 20 books, a like-bike, my guitar, Eva´s violin, and, well, clothes for all of us, and food, and of course, people, but we had bubbles, and we listened to Jason Mraz and sang along, so it was very bearable.
Now we´re staying in a little blue cottage in the dunes:
...and we´´ve been to the cold, cold sea:
and after that, warmed our feet at the fireside.
So, just to quote one of my favourite movies: All is well at the Hippie-front.

Tomorrow we´ll go fetch Tim´s London-brother and his kids from Amsterdam. And while Grandma and Grandpa play the babysitter, we might go out a little :)

See you soon - I´m running out of internet time :)

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Creatrish said...

Bonne vacances! xxx