Thursday, April 5, 2012

Green and Grey

We decided to use this first week of our easter vacation to tackle some things in our house, and that´s why we went to Ikea (not only to get fusion beads...).
We found this pretty dresser:
Which was big enough to keep all our board games, clutter and school stuff, has a nice shape and nice handles, and only cost 59 Euro. What a steal!
Unfortunately, it was grey, and I don´t need any grey things in my house. So...
I got out my paint and paint roller... (and by now, I have quite a close relationship with my paint roller),
....disassembled the whole thing in our living room, and got out my paint. I didn´t bother with sanding or priming, since I made the experience that I usually ruin more with that then it does any good. I just painted straight on the matte Ikea surface. And it worked just wonderfull.
So now...
I have a beautiful, green dresser. And if it wasn´t such crappy weather outside, I could even take a nice picture, but now this one has to suffice. I´m highly enjoying it, and constantly petting the smooth, green surface. I really like it.
And I so have matching music!!!

Man, I was so in love with this song three years ago. With both songs, actually. Nickel Creek was one of the first bands I fell in love with when I started to listen to music again, and I still like them very, very much. When I was painting yesterday, and assembling my drawers, I listened to Nickel Creek and Chris Thile all the time, and that made painting very pleasant.

On another note, we´re leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow. We´ll spend some days in  a little house, close to the sea, with my in laws, and now I´m off to do some packing, and pre-travel cleaning.
I might blog from there, but I´m not sure if I´ll have any internet acces. In that case, I´ll see you in a week :)

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