Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home decor with fusion beads

We went to Ikea the other day. Going to Ikea is something we do once a year (because we can´t afford to go there more often), and if we do, it´s always like going to a theme park - excited kids, lots of planning, and tired parents who spend a lot of money.
However, we brought fusion beads. Those ones:

Eva wanted them. And when we came home, we sat down, all six of us, even Tim, and instead of unwrapping all those flat packages and assembling our new stuff, we sort of meditated over our new fusion beads. Really. We forgot it was dinnertime, and bedtime, and were really shocked when we realized it had gotten dark, and Tim and I almost missed our game night with friends.
However, what came out of it was this:

At first I didn´t know what to do with them, but then I decided they would fit nicely into our new guest bathroom (the one with the Union Jack), so, here we go:
I attached them to the wall with sticky tape, and I intend to make a huge gallery there, with tons and tons and tons of colorfull beads I´ll hopefully collect over the time. Or other stuff. Like the postcard of the naked, very young Madonna on the left. I´ve had that picture for years, I bought it in my early twenties, because I liked it, without ever realizing it was Madonna, until I recently had a Couchsurfer over who told me it was her.
But I´m getting off topic.

Other than fusion beads, one of my new Ikea treasures is this fabric:
I´m trying how it looks as a tablecloth, but I´m not sure about it. I like that it tells stories. We´re currently reading one of Isabelle Allendes fantastic, brilliant youthbooks, and it plays in the Himalaya, and those goats and mountains reminded me of the book.
But I´d also like to sew me some pants from it. Or a new bag. Or a skirt. We´ll see.
And now, that I have the green paint I bought yesterday, I should go downstairs and paint. And clean my kitchen. And when I finished doing that, I´ll mail you, Trish. :)

Music for today:

That solo starting around 2:20 is pretty much the most amazing thing I´ve heard.

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Creatrish said...

:-) Cant wait til girls are old enought to do fusion beads! its great! Love Union Jack! xxx