Monday, April 2, 2012

Bleeding Rainbows

 Yeah, we did crayon art. It was sort of overdue.

I´m not sure there is any other project that was equally overpresent in the online craft community as this was, and within those last months, I´ve seen so many examples of this project that it got stuck in my brain, so I had to give it a try.

The hardest thing was getting the crayons. I had to order them online, since I couldn´t find them in stores, and I wanted to use the real crayola crayons for this project - I couldn´t find any other brand that offered such a variety of colours - where else can I get 48 colours in one box?, plus, I also wanted them to come in that coloured paper wrapper - crayons in Germany usually come in a white plastic wrapper, that doesn´t look beautiful.

I got a very cheap canvas, painted it with acrylic paint to resemble a sky (because I think rainbows need skies), and hot-glued my crayons to the canvas.

And then took yesterday´s sunny afternoon to melt them with a blowdryer:
Which was a lot easier and faster than I had expected. Didn´t kill the blowdryer, and I don´t think it will have a huge impact on our electricity bill, either. And, yeah, I didn´t blow dry my hair that morning. Now that I see the pic, it does look kinda messy. Oh well. Blowdryers are for crafts, and hair is supposed to be messy, I think.
The girls loved helping, too, and I think I need to order new crayons, for them to use, as well:
They squeek with joy when the colors finally start dripping.


I found this yesterday. I´ve been listening to Lisa Hannigan for quite a while now, and of course I knew some of her stuff with Damien Rice - though I don´t like all of it, some of his songs are a tad too dark and gloomy for my taste. But this one left me with this "WOW" feeling, and I put it on repeat and am now constantly listening to it. The video is eyecandy, as well.

And now I´m off to the craft store. Tim took the kids swimming, so I have a short time window of two hours. I need to get green paint, for a dresser we found cheaply, but it´s grey, and then I also have one fantastic new chapter for my book in my mind. See you tomorrow!

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