Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bottle Penguins

In my last post I mentioned bottle penguins, so this post is to a) clarify what I meant with that, and b) finally create a craft-related post to be able to link up with Creative jewish mom´s Craft Schooling Sunday. Because I like that site.
So here´s my penguin:
I had collected plenty of those tiny half-litre bottles, to make them with my library kids. They are so easy, with a little help even three year olds can take their penguin home.

You fill the bottle with cotton balls, and then glue on the wings, feet, eyes, and the beak. I made a template for the kids, it´s pretty simple to freehand it.
And that´s about it.

We made them to go along with this book:
It´s an awesome book. Fun illustrations, and fun to read out loud. For slightly elder children I highly recommend this one:
(source: wikipedia)

 At certain parts of this book, my kids had to laugh so hard they fell off the sofa.

While I was reading penguin stories anyway, which happened sort of coincidential, I brought my globe, to tell the kids a little about arctic vs antarctic, and where the polar bears live and where the penguins live, and that north is always on the upper side of the map.

So, that was my penguin post. I now really have a hard time finding penguin related music. Will you just go with the Punch Brother´s instead?

Thanks :)


Creatrish said...

oooh they are so cute! I will make them with the girls they will love it! Our easter break will start in 3 weeks , pfff it's so late this year! Cant wait cos I m off for few days! Also when cleaning top of my cupboard I find a pair of earrings that I found in "bric a brac" that i was suppose to send you! here is my mail if you'd like to give me your adress. (you dont have to if you dont want to?) xxxx

creativejewishmom/sara said...

awhh, thanks for the sweet words, and love the penguins! Great to see you again on Craft Schooling Sunday!