Friday, March 30, 2012


...made the week, and was over, before I realized it had begun. It was one busy week, and I´m now cheerfully looking forward to our two week easter break - ah, what bliss, to finally be able to sleep in! To have them all home, and to have a gazillion of plans, but nothing sceduled. That´s how I like it!

On Monday, I found some lice on Miro´s head. And of course on Mehmet´s, too. After I had the lice drama a couple of years ago with Eva allready, it wasn´t the huge mental breakdown I had last time - I just had to get that anti lice poison, ruthlessly soak all of us in it, and do A LOT of laundry and cleaning. I still have to fold up two baskets upstairs, but I´m down to that.

Mehmet and Miro highly enjoyed their lice. Loved them. And they loved they didn´t need to go to kindergarten, but were allowed to stay home with me, and finally do those papercrafts I had bought them in Cologne:
And of course I bought some for myself, too:

I think it´s a french Company, last time I got something from them was in Amsterdam, though. They have the most beautiful designs.

When I wasn´t doing laundry, I took them out to the river.
The water feels like ice, but of course Ronnie had to wade in it. Of course.
I really don´t know why her thumb is so black on that pic. Maybe it´s from climbing the tree:

I finished my "Where the Wild Things are" group on Wednesday. Over the last month, I had a date every Wednesday in my son´s kindergarten, to read the story, plant cress, form Wild Things from baker´s clay, paint them, build instruments, sing shanty´s (because Max is going to the sea), and talk about the book. Wednesday was my last day, with this group, but I suppose I´ll do it all again in a month or so.
I don´t have a pic of the painted Wild Thigs, and that´s a shame.

My class took me to experience a healthy breakfast on Thursday. I spent the whole morning out with them, eating whole weat bread, milling grains, doing a "fitness training", and a chocolate meditation, and a lot of other sensory things. I love my class. I love receiving letters from them and I love it when they come and cuddle me and I love it when they tell me about their lives. I love to compliment their outfits and the stories they write. I love teaching.

 And in the afternoon, I went to my library group, and made bottle penguins with them, and read them a penguin story and brought my globe to show them the poles, and where the penguins live. And when I came home, I fel sort of coma-tired from entertaining what felt like all children of my hometown at once.

I also got new spring clothes for all of my four kids, and learned how to play "My heart will go on" on the piano, and....ta-da: Rented a trailer for us in Southengland, and additional, found us a lovely Couchsurfing family!!! :)

So I poured myself a huge portion of that terrific Chai my friend gave me:
...and enjoyed some music and fictional romance.

And I found so many amazing songs to dive into this week, that I can´t decide on one. There is this mindblowing Ane Brun performance:
(I love to watch her weird dancing!), and then there´s this new youtube cover artist I found...
and OF COURSE I get wild over the newest Steve Sharp Nelson video:

See? This post is making up for a whole week of no posting at all :)

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