Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cassandra Clare on a boat and a store in my kitchen.

This weekend, I got to meet Cassandra Clare on a boat in Cologne...
... and had her sign my collectors first edition hard covers of The Infernal Devices.
 There. Look:

She also read a part of the brandnew, only to be published in 2013 Mortal Instruments book, so that was nerd-porn in its purest form, including dressed up, androgynous teenage girls with wigs. So lovely!

It was bright and shiny weather, and later, I went window shopping with a friend, and we had coffee and nice debates. What fun :)

In the morning, of curse, we rode our bikes. We´d really been waiting for weather to allow longer bike trips. I mean, I also needed to try out my new basket:

What´s in there... let´s see... construction paper for folding boats... a knight with a sword on a horse.... a water bottle... sticks, a lighter, and a copy of Time Traveller´s wife. Oh, that one always makes me cry...

However. So we visited the cows, who are all having babies again, since it´s spring.
They belong to a kid friendly farmer, who never minds when we enter his stable, and pet the cows, and let them suck our fingers. 
And he sells cheap, fresh raw milk, too.

And how was that with the store in my kitchen?
Well, today, we sold some stuff on a fleamarket, for ourselves, for friends, for neighbours.
The plan was, to a) declutter, and b) make a little money. Well, more of a). However, my kids were uber-excited, all four of them, they wrote price tags, and the twins ran all over the place and "advertised" our goods by loud yelling...
...and re-invested almost every Euro we made immediatly. So we now have more clutter than before, and earned approx. 5 Euro. Which, I guess, is perfect.
Since my sons found this gem, for 4 Euro, and they are still smiling and bouncing with happiness over the fact that they were actually able to afford it with their own pocket money:
It´s a toystore. Complete with a cash register, and some bottles and plastic fruit and plastic sausages. The really cool thing is, we had the exact same cash register allready - so we now have a twin set.  Can you see the two little toy dragons on the floor?
They "guard" the shop, so there´ll be no thieves. And that dress Ronni is wearing? It´s a little short, by now, but... I made it. Years ago. So it still flatters me when she wears it.
I did a lot of grocery shopping in my kitchen tonight...
So. That´s the store in my kitchen.

I love Lisa Hannigan.

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Creatrish said...

Oooh the look on their faces so happy! you are going to have a lot of fun buying grocery from that shop and in few days you will find a sword, probably lots of bits and bobs find outside for sale! Lucky you :-)! I admire you going everywhere on your bike, I dint even have one but i will soon as i like an house in the country side so I can bike away! Car boots sale are starting in France to, with this nice weather is going to be great! I love them! I really should do one with all the stuff we have and moving house. But kev doesnt like it and the girls are too young to stay all day at the same place so I probably going to give it to charity shops. xxxx