Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boy-approved craft: Sticks.

Okay, I think this is a classic. Almost not worth a post. But I liked the smell and feel of this project so much that I wanted to share it:

My sons needed dowels, for one of their scoutsprojects - they made a drum, and now were supposed to bring dowels as drumsticks. But instead of going into the crafts store, we went, of course, into the woods, and came back with some sticks.

On the picture above, you see the work progress - without the first step, which was sawing.

My boys sawed their sticks to the right length all by themselves, that was cool, but I assisted, so I didn´t take a picture. It´s some nice practice on comparing lengths, as well. And they went mad with joy I allowed them to use real tools.

Then they got real knives - kitchen knives, but sharp ones - and stripped off the bark.
 They were fascinated to reveal the lighter wood colour under the bark, and they did a good job, always nicely carving away from their bodies, and only needing help when they came to knots, which I then cut off for them.

Then came the sanding:
And then, we ended up with the nice and smooth dowels you see on the first picture.

We used them to bang around all day long, or just liked to feel the smoothness of the sanded wood. But I´m thinking about making swing-ribbons with the kids in Mehmet and Miro´s kindergarten on their spring-fest, and I could nicely attach them to such beautiful sticks.

If I do it, I´ll show you. Of course. 

By the way, you only see Miro on these pictures, because he liked this project very much, and stayed enthusiastic for the longest time. His brother, Mehmet, started, but then left his sticks for his brother to finish, because...
 ...he rather liked sorting pompoms on the floor. Which is what he then should do :)

 And then, all those pompoms happily mixed with the rest of the mess on our kitchen floor:
Music for today:

I was there :) The biggest, loudest crowd, that was us, in Cologne :)))

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