Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tim´s in Ireland...

...for a couple of days, and I´m green with envy happy for him to have a cool job that let´s him travel. And fully aware that there actually are certain times I benefit from this, too, like like when I accompanied him to Moscow. Which was pretty amazing. So, the kids and I made him a nice good bye package:
Beer with a harp on it. Now, that´s something! Gráím thú, by the way, means "I love you" in gaelic. I remember there was a time I really knew this, without having to google it - I don´t even think there was a google back then. I went to Ireland for school exchange, and the girls in school actually still learned gaelic, though most of them hated it. We were in a small vilage in Wicklow, not far from Dublin, and we were in the perfect age to memorize sentences like "I love you". I think that once, I was also able to say "I´m fourteen years old" in gaelic. I´ve forgotten how to say that, as well.
And in the front, the paper?
That´s Ronnie´s term paper. She got it yesterday, and it just shows that her teacher knows her pretty well. She´s extremely good in music, english, math and sports, she reads like a maniac, she´s friendly and helpfull and social, and she´s so chaotic and untidy that she´s forgetting stuff all the times, and her teacher often isn´t able to decipher the long, weird stories she writes. That´s our girl! Eva´s term paper will be out on Friday, and I suppose it might look pretty similar. Except for the fact she´s got more subjects, so she´s got the chance to really suck at biology, but exceed in French, too.

I´m having a couchsurfer over tonight, a single guy from basically just around the corner. Less than two hours by car. He´ll be checking out a children´s book museum in our area, and I´ve got the feeling we´ll get along just fine. And we´ll be having a couple over, two photographers from Britain, next week. And I´m pondering about going out and doing some free hugging in Cologne, next week, or at some point later. Preferably after Carneval - there´s enough hugging during Carneval over here :) I never did free hugging before, but I´ve always wanted to, and some fellow Couchsurfers will be organizing a group event. 

Want some music? No? Now, you get some, anyway. Because I like finding music.

This is an Australian singer-songwriter I found yesterday, and this song is of the spread-your-arm-and-dance-around-happily kind, I think. At least, despite the lyrics, the guitar makes me cheer with joy!

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Wicklow Cottage said...

Lovely blog! Never seen a Guinness bottle with a label like that (and we both used to work there).