Sunday, February 5, 2012


It´s been freezing here. For more than a week now. Not raining, not snowing, just glittery, beautifully chill and sunny. And just too cold too stay outside for longer than absolutely necessary.
Ronja´s been enjoying freezing water, she´s constantly filling pots, glasses, containers with water, colored, or in layers, and she´s adding little toys, putting them out in front of her window, to check on them how long it takes for them to freeze. It totally amazes her that it´s actually as cold as in in out freezer outside. And that actually helps in convincing her to put mittens on, and, ahem, shoes. Yeah, she does wear shoes when it´s freezing.
I admit I enjoy the freezer effect of this weather, too:
 Put dessert out for 30 minutes and have a lovely sorbet! In this case, it´s raspberries and mango slices, covered with coconot cream whipped up with cocoa and vanilla ice cream.
Apart from that, it´s, depite all the beauty, quite annoying to need 4 layers of clothes minimum to go outside. I´m so missing wearing my sundresses!

This past week? I read in the library to about 20 kids, Where the wild things are, and we rocked it. Founded a small library work group in our school. Almost finished my 50 little green bags (a photo is about to come :) ). Worked on my book, not toally satisfying, but at least I worked on it, so, that´s something, right? I baked delicious things, several times, re-arranged Miro´s room, picked up Ronja´s schoolbag from the police station after she forgot it in town, organized the international mother café in our kindergarten, helped introducing the new parents in Eva´s school and had one sick child. So, yeah, I poured myself a nice hot tub yesterday night, gave myself the complete pamper-programm including facials and polishing my nails, even though I´m not going to wear sandals anywhen soon. Plus, I watched the movie "The Notebook". I hadn´t seen it so far, but you enthusiastic ladies all over the web convinced me, so I gave it a try. And, yes, I found it quite sweet.
I´m kid of tempted to post this song, it would suit this post so nice.
But I think I don´t like my music cold today, so I go with this new band I discovered yesterday, and I really like them:

With their harmonies, they remind me of the Beatles, how the sounded on Revolver. I love love love folksy harmonies, good acoustic music, and men with long and fuzzy hair. Plus, any song I checked so far was pretty good.
So, hey, come on, this one´s nice, too:

Those lyrics make me smile all over! Oh, how I want it to be summer!

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