Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh Boys!

We just had my twins´ 5th birthday party.
Yep, I know it feels like this is becoming the basic topic of this blog - our weekly parties. But having four kids, all born between November and January, well, that directly results in costant celebrations during those months.
I really love throwing parties, but believe me, I´m happy this year´s season is almost over.
However, this was my first "all boys" party - the first party my sons didn´t even invite the little neighbour girl to, and, as I mentioned yesterday, it was kind of a "Cars" party.
So I could try out making... ahem...
...highly proffessional Lightening McQueen cupcakes...
...and traffic lights. Because thosepinterest ideas, I´ve got to give them a try, right?
Not that you could exercise a consequent theme with a group of little boys... as I figured out today :)
They sit at the table for about three minutes... and their attention span for games of any kind is about the same length... they love hopping around, running in the garden, playing football, and any games of that kind are great. Eva made a treasure hunt for them, marking the way with fun tasks -
  - this was the "One leg forest", which they had to cross hopping on one leg, and she also made them "cliffs" from chalk, and snakes to slalom around, and the cars on the street become dragons, and the trash cans turn into hidey-holes, because, you now, there are some mad tigers around in our neighbourhood.
Hunting the treasure was a huge success... apart from Miro throwing himself on the ground in a fit because, I think, we sang the lyrics to some song wrong. But, yeah, apart from the usual, they all liked it.
We also made little driver´s licsenses, (because I like my laminating machine), and played that racing car game:
I prepped the cars comme ca:
And yes, they did play this. Without crying, no fumbling with the strings, it did actually work. They did play it on the ground, though. And they loved running around, dragging the cars behind them, too.
And some of them even liked to sit down and color cars coloring pictures - there are countless on the internet - So, it was quite a nice party. They are cute, really, but I surely can´t remember my daughters being so little?
Musically... well, I posted the two matching songs to this blogpost yesterday. And yes, it was incredible cool rocking it out to route 66, and the boys almost (!thanks for that!) peed themselves with laughter when they saw me dancing like mad for them.
So, allow me, once more, to go with one of Ingrid´s new songs, today? Even if it´s so not party... but I adore this song.

She´s so freaking good at drama and kitsch, and the strings in this song... stunning, they are.

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