Friday, January 27, 2012

Wanna know what ´s fun?

It´s fun sending my daughter off to her first official school dance night, in the gym, and helping her dress up and making her hair.
 And wanna know what´s even more fun? Having her come home, late in the evening, with a purse full of...
 tiny love letters :) About ten of them. Saying actually things like "I love your hair"; and yes, truth, "Great moves"! Yep, apparently there´s a boy in class six who´s got a big crush on her. He´s 12. I don´t remember boys of my generation being so straight forward. And charming. And he wants to meet her on the school playground on Monday. First break. I can totally see his point, though. I´m sure she was the stunner of the night :)))

Wanna know what´s also fun?

Preparing a Cars birthday party for my twins tomorrow, building a Highway on our kitchen table,
and, while checking out some cool music for musical chairs tomorrow, finding there´s not only Rascall Flats on the Cars soundtrack...

but also a song by John Mayer? Seriously? And why haven´t I realized this until now? Why didn´t I jump out of my seat in cinema?
Well, I´m jumping now :)

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