Friday, February 10, 2012

Got Swing?

We do!
 We just said good bye to a real nice couchsurfing guest. He was fun to talk to, he took my boys out to the park for hours to collect wood and jump on frozen ponds, helped me improve my internet, cancelled his own plans to take my girls unicycling, and helped me to finally install this swing I´ve wanted to have in the living room for ages.
So, yep, we´re swinging now...
...all the time...
...and I´m amazed by how awesome Couchsurfing is, over and over, again and again, and how much all of us benefit from meeting all these different, fascinating people. And everyone´s got so many great stories to tell. Can´t wait to meet our next guests on Sunday.
Other than that, Tim´s back home (and brought me Cadbury chocolate), tomorrow we´re taking 15 girls to the pool for - yes, you guessed it - Eva´s party - her birthday was in December, but we still owe her that party. So we´re having it. I read the brandnew, fantastic new novel from my new favourite author, spent a lot of time in my class, since their official teacher was sick, had a nice morning tea with my friend, and I should probably still sew those last 6 little green bags.... yep. And it´s still freezing outside:
It´s beautiful, though, and we´re passing this little creek at least two times a day, and each time we´re expecting it to be frozen. It sucks to need about two pairs of mittens to ride a bike, and I´d much rather wear a sundress. I miss my sundresses. And my mushroom-project is also frozen:
So... music for today is inspired by the suggestions of our new family friend, so, surprise, surprise, it´s something german:

I usually don´t ever listen to german music, but this song, I actually find bearable. And the video... colorfull people rocking it with their bikes... okay, that gets me. And Ronni loves it. It´s exactly her style of music. The line they are repeating over and over again means, roughly translated: Because tomorrow it will still be like that, because it has always been like that.
See you!


nils said...

love the swing!

HelenClyde said...

Thanks, so do I :)