Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swimming, Skating, Surfing.

Don´t let yourself be fooled by the title of this post into thinking I´ve suddenly turned into a sporty person - I haven´t and I never will. The only "sport" I´m doing is cycling, and that doesn´t count, since it´s more a means of transport.
 ...we took Eva and her girls swimming on Saturday. Because that was what she wished for. So I had to overcome my mommy-pride (I´ll always, always have my kids parties at home!), and, actually, it was pretty awesome. 
At least I never had a kid´s party before during which I could use the turkish bath. Mehmet loved running on water...
 ...and all I had to do was setting a table, and then I could sink in my book and enjoy myself. I still think I´d rather have them all running around in my house, because that way, it´s easier to get to know each other, and I would have loved to get to know Eva´s new girls - they seemed to be great.

We found a pond, or, in fact, more of a puddle, in our favourite woods behind our house.
 It´s frozen, and my family loves to skate on it. I prefer sitting on that log, smoking and taking pictures, and humming along as Tim slides Eva over the ice and they sing Ingrid Michaelson´s The Chain.
And taking care that Ronja doesn´t hit anybody with random trees she´s got to carry around for some reason.
And surfing? Well, if you´ve been around here for any length of time, you know what´s coming now, don´t you?
We had Couchsurfers over! :)
 This time, it was Lucy and Stuart, two British photographers who are out on a tour to take photos of footballfans, for Stuarts next book. When he doesn´t take pictures of footballfans, he likes to take pictures of festivals:
He´s been around taking photos with his non-digital film camera for 20 years, while she´s just finished university but allready has some great pieces of art to show.
That´s Lucy. In the London underground. Because she doesn´t just take photos. She climbs on and in things, to get the really cool shots. So, yeah, she is a sporty person. They were exactly the kind of people I´d love to meet through this network - artsy, creative, Lucy drawing my kids while Stuart plays the piano in his weird, self-taught style, so polite it was almost ridicoulous, and very British, from their lovely accent I could have around me all day long to their breakfast habits of porridge and tea.
But then again, it was like this with all our surfers. When they were leaving, we always wished we could keep them.
So... just in case you don´t know about this allready... or need a link... go here and add a great splash of colour to your life :)



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