Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is it okay... post really kitschy pictures of red roses? I mean, I´m usually not too fond of flower pictures, and to even make it worse, pictures of flowers around Valentine´s Day.
But then again, it was indeed fun yesterday, when both my husband decided to surprise me, and I decided to surprise him, though we usually pretend that Valentine´s Day is a waste of resources. So we had a nice turkish dinner, and I got roses and chocolate, very classic and sweet.
And of course I do have matching music!

AJ Raphael is one of those independent youtube artists I´ve been following for almost three years now, he composes all his songs himself, plays most of the instruments, and, from time to time, posts quite interesting videos about how he made his album cover - after I´ve seen this, I´ve been fantasizing for months about getting plastic flowers and dipping them in paint. I just don´t really know what to do with them, afterwards. Since I´m usually not such a flower person. Anyway, go check out his music, he´s got such a sunny, bar-music like style, and his red roses album is one I can listen to endlessly.

Wishing you all a sweet post-Valentine´s day time. Or a happy Carnival weekend. Or just a happy normal weekend, without rain :)

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