Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rhineland madness!

Oh yes, it´s that time of the year again.

Time to smear paint on my face and adjust my fake ears with white glue, because I ran out of... ear glue. Time to meet my little stormtrooper in the bathroom, getting ready for kindergarten. Time for the blur of colors.
I live in a region where people go crazy for a week, every year, in February. It´s Karneval in Kölle, and oh, we´re so in it!
I´m not such a lover of the obligatory, strongly institutionalized Carnival in my area, but I really, really love the kid´s parties.
Imagine ahouse filled with 260 little frogs, witches, belly dancers, Lord-of-the-Ring-guys, Men in black, Ninja Turtles, and, a strong trend this year, Starwars figures.
Imagine all those kids jumping around enthusiastically on the constant sugar high each kid is on this time of the year, while earshattering music plays, and they all want to tell me simoultaniously what their costume is, and they all want to pull my fake elf-ears. That´s school.

Wait a minute, sweety! Could you, please, stand still for a sec?
 Ah. Okay. Sorry. Keep dancing.  (Just in case you were wondering - she´s a strawberry. More about that later.)

Now, imagine, on your way to school, through the pouring rain, you come across grown up pirates, bunnies, smurfs and devils, some of them drunk, music boxes playing in each little corner, windows open and waving people hanging out of them, and everyone is up for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Bützje. It´s a big party all over. And... this is only the small start of this. This is not Cologne. This is not Monday. This is just a smalltown, on it´s way to the ultimate party crash.The sky is gray, it´s constantly pouring, and a chilly wind is blowing, but nobody seems to mind.
So... today we went to Ronnie´s and my school first, then went to kindergarten, to watch the twins do kind of a circus show...
(and of course they were the clowns...), and then back to fetch Ronnie. We also had a nice breakfast amongst many chatting, elderly drunk ladies.
I do feel sorry for Eva, though, who had to stay home becauses she´s ill, and missed all the fun. I´m trying to make up for that by reading Twilight to her - that´s what she wanted me to do the most. I don´t have a german copy, so I´m translating the original version to her, and man, that´s an exhausting business.
And tomorrow... we´ll flee our Rhineland. Because, no matter how much I love to sink into this bright blur of colours, sometimes it´s nice to be out of town, too.


I´ve been obsessing about this song for the last couple of days. I adore the way they build up tension in a song, and how they always manage to sound immensely uplifting.

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