Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strawberry fields.

Ronnie and I made this strawberry costume together, and I really enjoyed the work process, so I thought I´d share it with you.
It´s February, so that means we don´t have any money to spend on craft resources. No buying of fany fabric. I´m quite proud I came up with the idea to get to XXL- T-Shirts, they were 2 Euros each, so, that was a steal.
 One of them, I used for the bodice. Meaning, I just made it smaller.
I cut it this way...
 ...kept the hems at the sleeves, sewed them to that middle part again, and then, we had a lovely, very fitted T-Shirt.

You could just stop here. That way, you´d have made a kids shirt out of any big old shirt you´ve got lying around. Awesome, right?
But we were going for a strawberry, so, Ronja took a pen, and made loads, and loads, of small little dots. Because a strawberry has seeds, right? And the parts we didn´t use (the sides of the body, with the parts of the sleeves), she used to roll up and make little fabric roses from.
Meanwhile, I suffered at the sewing machine. For some reason, I didn´t get the thread tension right, and Ronja captured that in a drawing:
 That´s a before/after picture. See? At first, mom is crying and moaning over the sewing machine. But after, Ronja is happily dancing in her strawberry dress.
I cut the second shirts in strips, and gathered them, to make more ruffles. And Ronja dotted them. While I sewed them all together, she cut some fabric for a cap:

And, as seen on the pic above, she also cut some green leaves, from scraps from my 50-bags project, , that made, in my opinion, all the difference. 
And, finally, she took a pair of white leggins, and added red dots with acrylic paint.
That´s it. If my sewing machine had behaved, the whole project would have taken less tham an hour. So, I think, this is pretty cool.
I loved about this project that it was a) cheap, b) quick, and c) highly envolved Ronja, with all the dotting and cutting and painting leggins, so I thought I´d share it.
And since I´m writing this in advance, I´m not even bothering you with music :)


Creatrish said...

Quelle belle fraise!

creativejewishmom/sara said...

so cute and creative! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, and so great to see you!