Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good food, good music.

Not all you need, but quite a fair share of it, isn´t it?
I tried one awesome recipe this week, one, that I think I could never have invented by myself. Oh, that´s what I like pinterest for!
 Cheese-bacon-beer soup. Find the recipe here! I couldn´t get the cheese she mentioned, so I took cheddar, which was more than delicious, and educative, since cheddar is quite exotic over here - we mostly go with Dutch and Swiss cheese - so my kids could all have a try before I stirred the cheese in, and have a look at the color, and smell it.
And, of course, I didn´t take beer with alcohol, but sweet, non-alcoholic malt. The combination of sweet malt, onions, garlic and celery did indeed appear a little peculiar to me, at first, but hey, this soup was a feast. Creamy and delicious and easy enough to make. And approved by every member of this family but Miro. 

Now to the music. Music for today is delicious, too:

Cello porn :)
No, really, don´t look at the video. I´m finding the artificial "nature" scenes with all the sunflares and him leaning backwards quite over the top hillarious. But when you listen to this with eyes closed... it´s absolute perfection. And it gets better with every second you get into the song. So lovely.

In fact, I was quite undecided on which video to post today. So, for those of you who´d rather have piano-porn than cello-porn...

Wooo-hoooo! This is so cheerfull and bubbly and bright, and it´s such great fun to watch him play, and I really can´t help feeling filled with joy and early spring all over when I´m listening to this.
And now I go try wash that red and green paint off my hands, and arms, and face... and hair...

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