Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today I slept in...

...and had breakfast with my kids, around 10 in the morning. Then we sluggishly hang around, I played penguin diner with Eva, and then... inspiration struck.

That wall in the dining area of our kitchen needed a make-over for quite a while. When we moved here, we just threw white paint on it, like we basically did with any other wall in this house. There were just too many walls and too little time and hands to get it all properly done. I bought some cheap stickers, and then, we basically hung up everything that came to our mind. Over the last two years, it had gotten pretty dirty, too. Dinig room area. With four kids around. Seems logical, eh?

So, off we went. Tim never liked those stickers, anyway.
We cleaned the wall, moved and covered the furniture, then I taped it and sealed the tape with white paint, like I recently learned in that awesome tutorial I found on pinterest.
Then it was around noon, and the paint had to dry, so I packed the kids and my bike, and paid my favourite store in town a visit, to get some paint. Eva helped me pick it. I trusted her more than Miro, who was all for a bright pink. But we settled on...
 I began painting around 3...

 had a cigarette break around 4...
 had lots of help...
 and when we came to the part I would rather go without help, I gave the boys something else to paint... they could still feel involved, still smear around with paint, but wouldn´t do it in my area.
Around five thrity, believe it or not, it was all cleaned up and bright and shiny.
 Like this.
And: We have a newly painted chair as well.
 And I did laundry and made dinner and read Twilight to Eva.
Nothing´s better than accomplishing something, isn´t it?
I´d like a sentiment on it, (on the wall, I mean, not on the chair...) as well, but I´m undecided which one I like so much I want to have it there for the next years.I´m checking lyrics now :)
I think I´m buying red paint tomorrow. There are still some walls left! :)
Oh, and my husband still hasn´t even seen this. He´s been at work all day, and now he´s saving the world by active democratic participation. I´m staying up to see his face when he comes home!



Dana said...

Love the color! Curious to hear how the hubby reacted :)

Creatrish said...

WOW WOW WOW Bleu rouge jaune j'adoooore vraiment vraiment! Its a happy house!