Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ants. Fish. Crazy Divers. The Eiffel Tower. And...Couchsurfers.

This post is a random collection of many unrelated topics, so first off:

Hi Dana! Love to hear from you again, and thank you so much for your comment! And, yes, Tim did like the wall. In fact, he was very relieved I had painted it in a straight, solid colour. I think he had been scared I´d come up with some giant mural with mosaics and rainbows and unicorns. Not that I didn´t plan that. It´s just that I don´t consider myself artistic enough to pull it off. But he liked it enough to be okay with me buying red, green and yellow paint and now conquering all the other walls, too :)

Bonsoir Trish!
Merci beaucoup pour les commentaires gentiles sur ma blog! Je suis toujours joyeux quand je lire tes commentaires, meme si je ne respond pas beaucoup. Voici, c´est un petite Tour Eiffel pour toi :)

(I told them to smile. That´s how they define "smile"...)

This pic and the first one, they are both from a science museum. We took our twins there last weekend, and they liked it. Most of the time. When there was action. Like chasing virtual lightfish, or climbing a miniature Eiffel tower, or watching ants.
 But then again, nothing makes them happier than running around at home playing weird things. Like this:
 Really - I tried long and hard to weave this picture into the context of a blogpost, but I still can´t figure out how. Yet, I felt the need to post it. Because it´s not posed. This is actually how he loves to dress, when he´s home. The backpack is his air supply, of course, and the sunglasses are goggles. When it comes to playing, Miro has more imagination than both his sisters and his brother combined.

And, by now almost to be expected - meet our recent Couchsurfing guest in our new kitchen:
She´s a 21 year old medical student from Leipzig, doing a traineeship in the hospital in our town, staying with her freshly divorced uncle, and when she feels like she needs a time out from his misery, she hops over, for an afternoon, or for an evening, to play cards with us, cook with us, or tell us her fun stories from the morgue. We have a climbing trip planned next Sunday.

My music for today... in fact, it´s not music. There is music, Vivaldi´s Summer, very lovely, but this time, go ahead, watch the video. It will so blow your mind!

See? A nice, young man, with curly long hair and an open shirt, painting incredibly realistic worlds, editing them to make a fantastic short movie... what more could I possibly desire?
Okay. A cello. Maybe.
So here comes the cello:

Drum-cello. And if that video doesn´t make you smile and cheer like an idiot from one ear to the other, I don´t know what will :) Wish you all an amazing start of the week, wherever you are :)


Jennifer Juniper said...

I used to let my kids wear whatever they wanted! I love that outfit! :)

Creatrish said...

Merci pour le petit mot! c'est très gentil! I m so lucky i've two little boys kind of smile just for me its greeeat! and Miro is so funny en "homme grenouille". xxxx