Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No pics today...

...since my lovely little Acer-Notebook has apparently decided to die. Thanks god I managed to get my book(s) save, but I´m still trying to figure out how to get my 10.000 photos and 5.000 songs back...sigh. I´ll see if that little repair store in town can somehow help me. At the moment I´m blogging from my husbands computer, which is only half as nice. I liked my old computer. I´ve got an emotional attachement to it.

My husband, by the way, got a really cool job promotion this week. We celebrated a little, and now I´m planning our summer vacation - I thought we´d only do a couple of small bike tours this year, but who knows, maybe, this year, we can finally try to cross the channel once more. I´m trying to convince my family that we don´t really need to spend any money on our house, or on me finally getting a driver´s liscence, or on clothes, but what we really need to do is spending it all on getting back on the road again.
Checking campsites in Cornwall, even when I´m not sure if we´ll get there at all, is something that makes me warm and happy.

So, I can´t post any pics today, because my husbands computer doesn´t have slots for my camera card, and I don´t know where I´ve put the cable to transfer them via USB.
But. Here´s the highlands and the islands:

So? Did you like it? Eva hates it. She says he doesn´t sing properly. Tim says, it´s ridicoulously patriotic, and he reminded me that I wouldn´t even touch this if it was "German Is". Which is true. If there´s one thing I really don´t like, it´s national patriotism. Yet, I´ve had this on repeat for quite a while now, and it makes me smile from one ear to the other. Guess being patriotic for someone else´s country is okay. And Scotland is cool.
By the way, did you figure out which song´s playing in the background? If you did, leave me a comment. And if you didn´t, I´ll tell you later :). The original lyrics are even more fun.
And, even if it´s not really good (because it´s a spoof of this glorious hand-to heart-version...), just to make this post complete: Cornish Is. :)

And now I´m off to check if I can find a recipe for pasties :)))

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Creatrish said...

Sooo bad for your computer, hope you can get it fix! Kevin has been asked for a promotion too but we will need to move to LYON about 500km from here so we are going to visit Lyon this Weekend to see! I had too show your music choice to Kevin to know what an english man would think and i had no comment just a sneaky smile! xxxx