Friday, November 18, 2011

My Tyler Ward Concert...

(This is one poor crappy photo...sorry.)
...was quite fun. Yes, I know it says Boyce Avenue on the photo above - they were the main act, and Tyler was only the opening act - well, for me, he was the main act :) It was one of those concerts where everyone in the crowd can sing along, and it made me feel happy and fuzzy and warm to feel surrounded by this huge group of people who all share a passion with me. It always does. I love love love life shows. I love going there all by myself, riding through the dark and cold in trains crowded with commuters on a weekday, and I love to listen to the thoughts ticking in my head, roused by the music. And this show was so sparkly and happy, I wish I could have captured it - yes, I took my camera with me, but, clever as I am, I left the memory stick at home. So all I have now are the memories inside of me - and the crappy little pic above that fit on the internal camara memory :)
Want one Tyler Ward song?

This was fun to bounce around to :)

I´ve got a Christmas post waiting in the wings, so... am I really saying this? - stay tuned :))

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Accidentally Angela said...

I really like the song today, I have never heard it before. There is a little movie called Paper Heart that is quirky and fun, you might like it if you can find it.Charlyne Yi is in it, and it was fun and odd. :)

I wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I was given a Liebster Award recently, and am suppose to pick 5 others to share it with. You are one of my 5. You can check it out here:

As always, love your posts! Hope you have a great week! Angela