Monday, November 14, 2011


...I´ve been those last days. Our fall break has been over for two weeks now, and over are the days to spend cycling or painting little cartoon-houses...
(That´s a two-story building Eva is making for some little rabbit figures she got at the bakery...)

What I´ve been doing those last weeks, while I was thinking about blogging, but never took the time to actually do it?

I visited my in laws. Went to theatre with my husband and watched amazing contortion artists. Went to school and helped teaching. Read in the library. Organized a café in kindergarten, walked through the dark with lanterns, had one amazing night with friends. Had 8 kids over for a sleepover.
(those are, obviously, only two of them. And no, they didn´t have to sleep outside. At least not during the night ;) But can you believe it´s November? This is what November over here looks like this year! Oh sunny November, how I love thee!)
 Furthermore, I went swimming, received a sweet package from our dear host in Moscow. Wrote about 60 pages in my book and deleted every single one of them. Began sewing the 50 little sportsbags I promised to make for kindergarten. Cleaned up our school library. Took the kids to scoutsmeetings and violin lessons and harp lessons. Found a picture perfect tiny book store in our town. Forgot to take my camera 90 % of the time. Got all the presents for Ronnies birthday, and lots of Christmas presents, too, and wrapped them. Read some books that punched me in the guts, read some books that tingled my brain, and put away some books that didn´t touch me at all. So... overall, the usual.
Oh, and I made a cardigan, with two easy cuts in the middle of a piece of fabric I got for 5 Euros off the local fabric fair:
...and drizzled apple slices with caramel...
...and figured out how to grow green onions on my window sill:
...and dissolved black liquorice in white rum, in an attempt to make black food coloring, but with little success:
My friend, who has a PhD in chemistry, suggested I´d do this, we both didn´t think it´d turn out so brownish. I admit the little teaspoons I sipped of this tasted quite nice, though.
So, now you know. Where I´ve been and what I´ve done and why the real world pulled me in, so I couldn´t blog. Phew, real world. What an ugly word. I´m going back into my nice book now, seeing if I can actually write some pages I´m satisfied with.
And of course I wouldn´t leave you without some music:

Ah, I found so many nice songs those last weeks, it´s hard to decide. Today, I like this one the most, but I´ve been listening a lot to Adele and, yes, Miley Cyrus, too. I confess.
Did I mention I´m going to see Tyler Ward live in concert tomorrow? I´ll tell you later about it, sweeties ;)

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Creatrish said...

Ouh yes you ve been very busy doing some great things really, your apple cake look really really nice and photo of the girls is really beautiful!I m posting from work its really cool we can go on the net during lunch hours (by the way i m a Personal assistante not very glamorous....) Bon concert pour ce soir xxxxxxx