Sunday, November 20, 2011


 - A pre-December-ornament-round up - 

Told you I had my first Christmas post of this year waiting, didn´t I?
Well, after celebrating my first Thanksgiving of all time last night, I think it´s okay to post an ornament round up today :)
I decided to put up some Christmas decorations this week. Not all of them. I´m starting slowly. But I promised myself to add some Christmas cheer to our home every day until Christmas from now on... I´ll see if I can do it.
One of my goals is to add more and more handmade ornaments each year, so here are some new pieces of our collection:
1. Pinecone fairy ornament, made by Ronja, with some pinecones, some twigs, a pearl, a ribbon and lots of hot glue.

2. Stamped Salt dough ornament I made with kids in our school. Sorry for the blurry pic.

3. Bat ornament by Mehmet, made from toiletpaper roll covered with felt, and the feet are made from pipecleaners. Like a real bat, you can hang it by the feet.

4. Simple paperornaments, made by Ronja.

I bet there are more to come, but these are the ones we assembled last week. I suppose we won´t manage to deck a whole tree with handmade ornaments this year, but if we keep collecting and collecting, we might in the future.
And until then, I still tell myself it´s okay to buy factorymade ornaments, at least some, if they are as beautiful as this one:

I´m really beginning to get into the mood for Christmas. The weather over here is still quite sunny, actually, yesterday I went outside wearing a short sleeved shirt, and no, this is not common in Germany in November.
That Thanksgiving Party yesterday?
Tim has a colleague from the States, she only moved here in March, and since she can´t be with her family, she invited us to a huge Thanksgiving dinner.
And oh, it was marvelous! With all the people from her german class over there, it was quite an international gathering. I had a long talk with a nice guy from Iran about freedom, and with a guy from Belgium about alcohol, and with a girl from Kasachstan about the concept of Cold Turkey in economics. That was pretty refreshing. Oh, and of course I fell in love with pumpkin pie and pumpkin scones and pumpkin cheesecake. What have I missed all these years!

While I´m typing this, I can hear Eva practise her violin, Mehmet and Miro are singing up in their rooms, and Ronja is kicking the piano, cause she´s angry she can´t get her new song straight. And Tim is cutting the cake he made with Miro today:
Life is good.

Song for today: 
I wanted to post a Christmas song today. I had even found a really nice on. But then Ingrid threw her new single on the market, and of course I need to listen to it over and over and over again, so, this is today´s song. And I´m so looking forward to her album release in January!


RaD said...

Don't forget to add the year on the backs of those ornaments!

Creatrish said...

I love the pinecone fairy sooo cute! I don' t feel to christmasy , i havent start my xmas shopping yet but we are going to make cards this weekend so it should put me in the mood! Cant believe how artist you all are! xxx

Creatrish said...

Sorry forgot to say that i really like your new banner!