Monday, October 10, 2011

*Update on the Burrow

I´m glad you asked:
Yes, we went there again :)

Met the wizards and got a guided tour through the whole thing. Actually, it´s pretty solid.
And you have a beautiful view from the top.
It was completely built by a gang of teenage boys, the eldest being 17, but most of them between 12 and 14, no adults involved at all, and without a ladder.
And... it even has a chimney:
Which our own house hasn´t. I´m really, really blown away. So are my girls, who now run back and forth from our house to this, bringing the boys all sorts of old panels they can find in our basement. One last look:
I think we just fell in love today :)


Creatrish said...

This is great I m so jealous! It's unbelievable! Look at that view! Je crois que moi aussi je serais tombée amoureuse! ;-)

Tiffany said...

This is so super cool! Oh my goodness, you must be an amazing mom! Your blog is really sweet.