Sunday, October 16, 2011


...for not posting anything those last couple of days.
One reason is, I just wanted to keep that picture up front - the one with the magic hut. I like it so much that I didn´t want to replace it with a new one. So, in case you haven´t seen it, just scroll down and let your jaw hit the keyboard ;)
The other reason is, I was plenty busy last week, and most of the time I forgot my camera. Plus, it was rainy, anyways.
I´ve read to very nice and calm kids in the library, Astrid Lindgren, because it´s one of my personal missions to promote her as much as possible. I went to school, everyday, taught counting and rudimentary reading skills and how to stroke a guitar and how to form elephants from baker´s clay and how to make learning clocks from old CD´s, and enjoyed myself.
Also, I went to theatre with my husband and two good old friends, they played a short story by Nick Hornby, and in addition, I´ve been reading his book Slam, my friend found it on a fleamarket and gave it to me, and just like every other book from him, it leaves me with a gentle, peaceful glow.
Then I´ve been around painting chairs again:
I still feel like it lacks something. I´ve got to look at it for a while and ponder, I guess.

We tried to make crazy cookies:

And I finally found those Mini-Marshmallows in the store, you can only get them around Halloween over here, and I wanted to have them ever since I found out you can use them for this:
Oh, and of course I cleaned the house, half heartedly, between making all sorts of messes. It´s a good thing I have help:
So, this was my week. Lot´s of little things, but really not much to blog about.
Ah, and of course I got lost in Ed Sheeran´s music: 
The way this song explodes around minute 4 is a-mazing. 
And now I go back into my strange novel, of which I still don´t know the end. Sigh. Out to smoke a nice Gaulloises while pondering in the cold.

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Creatrish said...

My week has been mas to, didn't have to blog lots! Really like your chair just the way it is! love the pink with blue sugar swirly cookies! Cant find large bags of mini marshmallows in France, just little boxes ans they don't test very nice so I always ask my friends to bring some back from England, like how you use them! xxx