Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall break!

Oh, I´m so relieved it´s finally fall break!
Those last weeks have been heavy, with Eva on her new school, practising biology terms, practising the piano and the violin, solving math tasks until late at night, writing essays, even practising rope skipping in our living room, not for fun, of course, but to get good grades in sport. And, oh, all those french vocab´s are killing us. Eva is such a perfectionist, I wish she´d once loosen a little up and be a little more like her younger sister Ronja, who´s a happy chap, totally untidy, forgets her stuff everywhere, but still gets excellent grades without even trying - probably because she doesn´t try at all. She´s just happy-bouncy and everything falls into her lap.
I worked quite a lot in school these days, too. Yesterday, I was in charge of 60 kids, well, together with two other women. We built a paper town, I did some magic tricks and read a story, but of course, between all the checking who´s still there and who has to be sent home at a certain time and who gets picked up by his gran-stuff, and all the "He-hit-me-so-he-gets-a-time-out"-stuff, I didn´t find the time to take a pic.
Only when it was really late, and most of them had allready been taken home, I found this nice and quiet moment in the storm:
Those are great kids, on the pic. They all are. I love my kids in school, and I´ll miss them during fall break (though some of them, I might see anyways).
What I won´t miss is the early getting up, the cycling through the rain, the not-seeing my own kids before sun goes down, and the unnaturally forced structure of days.
I´m looking forward to sleeping out long, doing lots of crafts, going out into nature, finding more time for blogging and taking photos, and screwing all the vocabs. Well, not the last part. We´ll still be practising some french, I guess.
But for now, we´re taking a deep breath.
See the rainbow? Oh, it looked so much better in reality, it even was a double rainbow, if you look closely, you might see the second one - but it was really hard to capture it on picture. But when we saw it, we all ran outside, onto the muddy field, and I think Miro stood there in the rain for 20 minutes, with his mouth gaping open, because he had never seen a rainbow before, and thought they´d only exist in books.

Tomorrow, Tim´s brother from London comes over, with his two little English girls. I´m off to make the beds and bake some cupcakes :)
Leaving you with Rufus Wainwright:

I love love love the story in the song. I googled the lyrics when I found it, and read them aloud to Tim. They taste delicious, those words, how they tangle in my mouth, and I also love how you can actually see fire fall from the sky when he begins to rock it off in the midlly of the song. Great piece of art, it is.


Creatrish said...

It's fall break here too and its really nice as it will be my last holiday with the girls for at least a year as i m starting my new job soon! Eva seems like a hard working girl and i bet that in a year i will only post comment in french and she will be able to translate everything! Your sunset is beautiful just feel very peacefull! I ove rainbow to! Thought of you today as I was listening my new Take that album (I really really like SOS title) xxx

HelenClyde said...

Ah Trish! You got a Take That album! Now, that´s cool :) I´m smiling from one ear to another!
And the new job - congratulations! Is it full time? That´s quite brave! But in France, daycare is differently organized, is it? They have longer hours and don´t need to be picked up at 2 in the afternoon...
heading to your blog now, to see if I can find out what your profession is :)