Monday, October 24, 2011

Two kids more and almost one foot less.

Yeah, this is a petty blurry pic. But six kids sleeping all together in one room, well, there´s lots of movement...
So we had the little English girls over. Tim´s brother lives in London, and because his wife is a full time working midwife, and he´s got to work, as well, and daycare is closed, he just sat his girls on a plane and let them visit their various German relatives.
And that´s quite fun.
It´s totally adorable to hear them chatter in their mixture of English and German, and to hear our kids react to that, in their own weired mixture of English and German.
It also is adorable to watch Eva play the big mommie for her youngest cousin, Zoe - she practically carried her around all day long.
And she is one strong headed little cutie pie. Her bigger sister is only seven months older than our twins, so they made a nice team, too:
Though she gets along with our Ronnie pretty well, too. Sometimes too well. Shortly after we picked them up on the airport,
Ronnie and Khaya decided they had to run away, rush down the escalator stairs while I was still pushing the pram with Zoe and Tim and his brother were taking care of the twins, and then - Ronja´s boot got stuck in the escalator stairs. Luckily, only her boot, and Tim and I could pull her out before her foot followed, but that one moment, we were, all 9 of us, screaming simoultaniously, because we thought she´d loose her foot in those escalotor stairs. Puh. That was pretty scary. And thankfully calmed all the six kids down for the rest of the way home...
...and this is more my kind of dangerous adventure, anyway.
Tim´s brother had just come back from Japan, so he brought us intersesting sweets:
They consist of some sort of jelly filled with a bean paste... and taste peculiar to European taste buds. But they came in a box that was so beautiful I´m going to hang it on our wall: 
And if you happen to be a Japanese reader and now chuckle, well, that is fine :) As long as you post me in the comment section what the writing means... 
So, all in all, we had quite a nice weekend, with lots of sunshine, lots of loud and happy kids, lots of good food and drink and talk and music and lots of fresh air. At one point, my friend with her daughter came over, and we spent a nice long time on the balcony, chatting. And the seven kids... well, you really couldn´t hear them. They must have enjoyed themselves :)
I´m trying to leave you ith a pic of all the kids around the kitchen table, but for some reason google is really annoying at the moment, so I just go for a nice song instead, and try to add the picture later. 
This song reminds me of Tory Amons, and that´s a good thing.

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Creatrish said...

oooooooooooooh! U must have been so scared! I m so glad that nothing happen to Ronja! Can't believe you had 7 kids for few days it must have been really good but really tired! One day my old boss brought back some treats from Japan and they looked really really nice but they didn't test really good! they stayed om his desk for awhile! xxx