Sunday, October 30, 2011

20 miles

...that´s what we rode on our bikes yesterday.
 And we, that means all of us, even Mehmet and Miro on their tiny bikes. No trailer anymore.
We had figured out a nice tour, though, with lots of sights on the way to keep us all going.
We met some nice cattle,
...and a donkey...
 and even deer.
We took lots of breaks...
and found a beautiful watercastle.
And all of us loved it, we loved being out all day long, loved getting red cheeks, loved being together, the twins loved racing like little madmen all day long, loved seing the trees in their firy glowing leaves, loved picking acorns and finding our way after a map and discovering the town we live in. And I loved making plans in my mind, I mean, if we manage 20 miles a day now - what can we achieve in another year training, or two? Maybe a whole vacation with bikes is actually a realistic option - and since riding a bike is cheap, maybe this will bring us to Cornwall next year? Because I´d really love to get there. And we never could afford it for the six of us. But if we all rode there... that would be kinda cool! And we could start small...
I love dreaming on my bike :)
Oh, and today... we had 12 kids here for a Halloween Party. Which was supposed t o be really small... well, I´ll show you tomorrow. Now, I´m off to bed, because fall break is amazing, but also exhausting :) See you tomorrow!
Almost forgot my music for the day:

Just found this hidden old B-Side from Sara Bareilles which I really really like. When I go out into nature, my brain usually slips into these songs I sing while riding my bike... like Mull of Kintyre, Sweet Afton, Mother Nature´s Son, Wanderlust... yeah, go ahead and laugh. It just pops up everytime I´m surrounded by trees. But I´m not pestering you with that. I´m a kind person. I´m just posting a little heartbreak-Sara. Go and enjoy :)

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pglm said...

I am impressed with the twenty mile ride...we'd all be better off with a bike ride than our car. p