Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Did I mention I love Halloween almost more than I love Christmas? Yeah, I do. Each year, I like it a little more. When I was a kid, we didn´t even have Halloween over here, but I´m one of those annoying people who do their best to bring this tradition over to Europe :)
So my girls had their annual Halloween party. The original plan for me was not to get involved at all. They decorated their rooms, bought sweets from their pocketmoney, pondered about their costumes...
(that means...robbed my closet...!)
and labelled bottles for weeks now.
I had made a plan that each girl is allowed to invite two kids, though. Somehow, we misteriously ended up having 12 girls in our house... even though we had two girls cancel... math has never been my strong side.

It was still quite fun. We went out in the dark, I lit candles along the way, and threw little firework crackers at unexpected times. Then I hid in the bushes, while Tim told them a story of a murderer who broke out of prison, and at a strategically perfect point, I jumped out of the bushes :)
They all had glowsticks, and pretended to be very brave, and it was a very sweet (but un-photographable) picture to see them jump over the fields, in the complete darkness, all their flaring dark coats and pointed hats, waving their rainbow colored glowsticks.
We also played "Murder in the disco" and rocked the house, and later, Tim made a huge pot slimy oatmeal for them, and surprisingly, they all loved it.

By the way, did you notice all the pumpkins on the pic above? Yeah. Pumpkin carving.
After my succesful attempt at carving He-who-must-not-be-named last year, I went a little overboard with trying to carve the whole trio this year...
...and totally failed. Sigh... one problem was that it took so long, and before I had even finished Hermoines hair, Harry´s glasses had allready begun to crumble... well, next year I´ll carve one simple Severus Snape, I promise.

I made heart cookies again. I didn´t even remember I made some until now, when I found that post from last year. Seems that something about Halloween makes me crave pink hearts? Whatever - they turned out lovely, at least:
They taste like raspberries and grapes, just in case you´d like to know :)

And before I´m off to cleaning my kitchen (you really don´t want to know how it looks, after our party and baking cookies...), I leave you with a nice, Halloweeny song, to get you in the mood:

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Creatrish said...

Happy halloween to you too and have a great evening! Love that song! xxx