Tuesday, November 1, 2011


That´s what we are, for sure. In the best sense of the word.
It´s a good thing we ran out of money this fall. If we still had a full bank acount, we´d probably take the kids to the zoo or the museum or some other artificial institution. Not that I wouldn´t like zoos or museums.
But since we have hardly any money to spend (because we spent it all in Paris and Moscow and Amsterdam...), and still want to entertain our kids everyday, we ride our bikes. All day long. Into the green. Or... orange.
We play hide and seek and build sorta-forts and make bows and climb trees and look at ants.
 We collect all sorts of things and crawl through leaves and moss.
And man, what a gorgeous fall we are having. Given it´s November, and still warm enough to ride out without a jacket... and the mellow, golden light of the sun, I just can´t get enough of.  When we get home, all kids wolf down their dinner and fall asleep during their bedtime fairy tale.
So yeah, we´re all for hugging trees.
I´m allready looking forward to finding out where the paths will take us tomorrow.
And despite being really tempted to post one of my cheesy nature songs today at least (like "Out of the woods" by Nickel Creek, that one´s always great!), I´m leaving you with the song playing right now here:

I´m spending a lot of hours on playing my guitar these days. The piano, too, but more the guitar. And Mr. A-Z is always a pleasure, though pretty hard to deliver satisfyingly.

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