Monday, October 10, 2011

The Burrow

We took a walk across the fields behind our house yesterday. 
Can you see Ronja flying over the field? It´s been freshly harvested, and we had Couchsurfers over - two friendly cooks from not far from where we live, actually. Anyways, when we have Couchsurfers, we like to show them the most beautiful places of our town, and we are convinced that the most beautiful place anywhere is... the fields behind our house :)
So we took a nice long walk, and suddenly, completely unexpected and about 200 metres away from our backyard, popped up this:
So, what is it? It´s not a treehouse, because it isn´t attached to a tree. It´s no hut, either, because it´s about three times higher than a normal hut - I´d estimate it´s around 6 or seven metres.
It´s so beautiful:
I don´t know who built this. But I want to get to know this person. Or, wizard. Because it surely has to be magic that holds all those pallets, trunks, boards, fences together.
And I´m convinced you´d need magic to live there, too - I mean, how are you supposed to climb on there? Walk over those fragile little twigs, building the upper balcony? Someone obviously made this, and it´s like a sweet secret I´d like to uncover.
It´s not exactly a place for kids whose parents overobsess with safety...
But maybe... this is all just a disguise. You know, because we´re muggles. And can´t see right. If we saw right through it... who knows, maybe it holds a lot of fancy, bohemian rooms, a whole library and a jacuzzi? Who knows? Maybe, this afternoon, I´ll try to climb up there. Might break my old bones, but we´ll see.
Oh, and Ronja was so amazed she spent the rest of the day carrying wood into our backyard, trying to cut it with a saw until her little hands hurt.
Yeah, I got to get to know that architect. Screw the Cathedral in Cologne, this impresses me a lot more :)

And I mentioned the Lama yesterday? This is the Lama:
Two of our eldest friends treated our girls with a four hour long guided Lama tour through the woods. That´s that. It doesn´t really fit into this post, but since this is sort of my diary, it just has to go in :)

I am so not sorry I´m posting yet another Ed Sheeran video. I adore this guy. Best musician I´ve discovered this year, hands down. In many ways he reminds me of Jason Mraz, because his music is so chill, crossing all genres, and his rapping is fun and his lyrics are both witty and touching and tear-inducing. I really couldn´t decide which song to pick today, so I just picked two:

I can´t believe he wrote this when he was 16. I bet he´s secretely a wizard, too.

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Creatrish said...

Ouh la la! la super cabane! Did you go on it at the end or was it to risky?