Sunday, October 9, 2011

Painting the world

Or, at least a chair - I´ve been working on this chair for the whole last week, and though it´s not quite finished yet, I love how it begins to look:
I think it still needs more color, and more gold! And, of course, some laque to finish it.

Wnat to know about the chairs in the background? No? I´m still telling you :)
The red one had been spraypainted by my younger brother, around five years ago, while the one I´m using as a tray was painted by my kids some months ago.

And the chair I´m sitting on, in the pic above? I painted it a long, long time ago, when Eva was around two years old, and that´s why it has got an ugly teddybear on it. So today, I sanded it:
I´m all for sanding chairs while wearing nylons. Or... let Miro take the wheel:
But back to the painting - since this is the title of the post... since we had the acrylic paint out, anyways, Ronja made a couple of toilet paper owls plus a matching forest:
And Eva and I both added a little more touches to our gurd-matrioshkas:
I messed up the eyes, really. I should have waited until I had a thinner brush. Sigh.

By the way, I did the dots on her blue apron with Q-tips, which are a nice painting devide if you aim for little, round dots.
Another nice tip:
Use old danones to hold the paint. That way, you have small portions, and covered with foil, it stays fresh for weeks, a lot longer than left on a plate. Also, you can carry them all at once, which makes cleaning up for dinner a lot quicker.

Other than that? This weekend, we had Couchsurfers over again, and friends, and the girls met some Lamas and we found The Burrow in the back of our houses, just in disguise. We´re all coughing, it´s wet and windy, and I made punch and pumpkin soup, and apple pie. I´ll show you tomorrow :)

This intro alone is beautiful enough to tear me up. Very nice video, too.


Creatrish said...

This chair look really good and Eva and Ronja artworks too! I Love your look! red wool hat , skirt, big socks and doc martens (I think anyway)

HelenClyde said...

Ahh, thanks :)
Yes, it´s Doc Martens. Though, they are quite torn and tattered by now... I really envied you when I read you got new Docs ;)

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