Thursday, October 6, 2011

Garbage finds

Don´t you just love them?
Last Sunday, my neighbour/friend/pianoteacher called, just to tell me she saw some marvellous garbage by the road and thought I might like it. See, I have a reputation by now :)
And I love to talk to the former owners of my new treasures. See, the bench in the picture above my kids are  so eagerly cleaning? It was made, around 60 years ago, from prison inmates of the prison in our town. The actual prison has just been torn down three years ago, and the ground on which it stood had actually been a spot we considered moving to with our family. The father of the lady who put this piece out on the street had worked in this prison, and brought her the bench for Christmas when she was 4 years old. Like my twins are now.

I think that´s really, really cool. And my kids liked the bench so much they invited the neighbours over and constructed a whole party around it:
And yeah, they found the little table, too. And I didn´t really want them to carry it home. But they did, anyways, secretely. And I must admit that I´m kind of proud of them :)

But this was not my best find. My best find was this:
Seriously? On the waste? Solid, engraved wood, from the 1950´s, bought on an early vacation to Italy? This piece is history, man, and if I hadn´t taken it in, it would now be crushed on the waste! Really?
Just look at how artfully the drawers swing open:
I now have a nice and neat place to put all those loose harp, guitar and mandolin strins into, they were really looking messy on the piano :)
I love how posh and sophisticateds this little piece of furniture looks. Definately adds a fancy glow to our Ikea-collection!

Music for today: 
I´m still listening to Ed Sheeran. I´ve got a bad, annoying cough, so I stayed at home yesterday, and today, Eva and I are both at home, because she´s got that nasty cough now, too. Guess that´s the price for all the jumping around naked through the water last weekend... sigh :)
But listening to this versatile, creative, swinging artist with his brilliant to the spot lyrics really picked me up yesterday. I mean... When I´m missing you, I´ll stop eating food, and I´ll squeeze into a dress, so I can be like you, and feel all your bitterness... sung by a man... and then with this nice rhythm... it´s unusual and creative, and quite cute, too, I think.

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Alone in Holy Land said...

Lovely finds, indeed...but who on Earth would throw away such pieces if furniture?