Monday, September 19, 2011

Tracing patterns

Oh, ´t was fabric fair yesterday! Wooo-hooot!
I got lots of little, bright scraps, those tiny quilting quarters. Plan a) is to use stripes of them to make a ruffled skirt for Ronni. Plan b) is to use the scraps to make another, even longer bunting-banner.

But well, before I´m doing this, I have to do my traditional, every year sweater marathon.
I promised my kids their yearly sweaters, and they are still in an age where they actually desire them and, even more fascinating, proudly display them in school and kindergarten. So, this is awesome, hence I also got some fleece, my favourite fabric to work with, anyway:
Fleece is cheap and doesn´t fray and goes through the washing mashine easily. In fact, all of the around 10 sweaters I made so far are still in use, apart from the one in the size for 2 year olds - but Mehmet and MIro are still wearing their sweaters from last year, and the year before, on heavy rotation.

So today, I was tracing patterns...
...while Mehmet and Miro were eager collecting every single scrap, for the bed they built for their little cow.

I´m still not finished, though, and it will take some days to assemble them. Especially the embellishments on this one are a real p.i.t.a. :
Sewing on all those tiny flames are quite annoying. But if I finish those sweaters, yeah, my twins will be the coolest guys kindergarten has ever seen. Not that they aren´t, anyways :)

So now I´m contemplating whether to go back to my sewing machine, go back into book three of my egocentric therapeutic novel, or just watch the newest episodes of Britain´s got Talent on youtube... well, that was an outing, wasn´t it? I dispise the german format of this series, but I love the british one. Wrap it in a Union Jack, you can sell me pretty much everything ;)

Speaking of British, I´m still listening to the very fine british band Take That:

This is so cheerfull and bright and uplifting! Just can´t get over how much I adore this song. And pretty much every other song on all of the three albums they released after their break up. Oh, and on the three before. Maybe I just go and watch some more Take That videos, since hubs isn´t home :)))

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