Saturday, September 17, 2011


Recently, we´ve been a lot into playing with paper.
We made this little pond, and the frog family. See the evil origami owl peeping through the grass?
And we made storks, too, because my boys demanded some action.
Ronja whipped up snail mail,
so I made her reply snails.
 And we printed a lot. Boy, there are gorgeous free printables on the net.
Thanks to pinterest, I can find them all, save them on my Papertoy board and print them whenever my kids start fighting and I reckon they need something to do. 
We can´t print on cardstock, because we´ve got an old, crappy printer, but we do have gluesticks, so all is well.
My twins really enjoyed the gnomes I found over here.  
They worked hard cutting them all out...
(and yeah, they still like cutting their own hair, too...)
and now gnome family lives happily in the paper house I bought in Moscow...
...riding the July calender camper van, that can be found over here.
Oh, and the little beds, and the sheet you can see in the background, that´s a pretty goldilocks sheet, that can be found here. 
That is, they only live there if they don´t move in with the knights:
Though, for me, the very best printable papertoys are the ones from The Toymaker. Just look:

This chocolate truck can actually move.
And they have all those little boxes with windows showing some artsy designs on the inside... and fairy furniture and fingerpuppets... I think this is the first time I´ve posted pictures that I didn´t take (except for all the music videos, of course!), but I feel like I should share my findings.
Now, go, hop over there and get your printer ready :)

But well, if you like, enjoy some really fine music before. The obvious music choice for this post is this:

Did I mention I´ll see him live, November 15th in Dortmund? And the really great thing is, he´s coming as the opening act for Boyce Avenue. So, that´s two youtube legends for the price of one! Yay!

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