Friday, September 23, 2011

September Impressions

September means:
 There are pumpkins to make soup from. (and peanut butter cupcakes on the counter, can you spot them?)

 There are tangerines to make oil lamps from!

Though, the photo I took of the one we made in March looked a lot better:
 It also is (almost) cold enough to wear fleece sweaters again:
Yeah, I made them! Both the boys and the sweaters :)

Oh, and then there is school. The omnipresent, liveeating institution of SCHOOL.
School has started again. Eva is very busy with her new school, incredibly eager to get everything right, following me to the laundy room to ask her numbers in french and mathematical terms, sitting at our kitchen table all day long marking maps and writing essays, and when I force her to take a break, she goes to the computer to practise some English vocabulary.
Ronja is working on a project about France, they could pick any European country, so she, of course, picked France. Eva, this little clone of mine, she picked Britain, two years ago. But I took Ronja to Calais, and to Paris, so for her, France is the greatest country ever. Ronja´s always such a rebel ;)

So I´ll be making Croissants next week, and we´re googling and printing stuff and typing stuff, and collecting our treaures from Paris:
At this point, it´s quite a loose collection, though. 
I have also started school again, I´m in a class with 28 cute little kids all very fuzzy and new to everything, eager to learn, but not used to it, and though it is a pleasure to watch them develop, it sure is exhausting at the moment. And there´s the party at kindergarten to organize, tomorrow. And four parents - teacher information nights in one week. And I´m reading in the library, this afternoon. Ronja has her first piano lesson this afternoon, and Eva has her first rehearsal in her "band" today - they are a group of 5 kids, aged 9-12, who are supposed to play folk influenced pop music - meaning Taylor Swift. Eva is enthusiastic, I just think I should pull the brakes at some point.

Furthermore, September means I´ve got a nasty cold, I got stuck around page 100 of my third sequel, we´ve got a hedgehog in our garden who comes every night and enjoys the food the cat left, making noises so loud you´d believe there´s some hedgehog - rock´n roll party out there, I enjoy cuddling up with my husband and watching the Big Bag Theory at night, and I´m allready planning Christmas. Oh, of course I am!!!
Music for today:

Can´t get enough of the Wailin´Jennys. Perfect harmonies, those girls have, and I really dig those lyrics! It´s pure poetry!


Creatrish said...

I can see your cupcakes they look nice and big! Just a little tip a had 2 "laughting cow" triangles in my pumpkin soup I just think that it test nicer! I can smell tangerine for here! you are well protected with your firemen and WELLDONE to Ronja for picking France ( les francais sont chauvins) et GOOD to Eva as my heart is always in Britain (My man is English) xxxx

HelenClyde said...

Ah! I had to think a while over the "laughing cow triangles" - they are actually called "La vache qui rit" over here, and we only got them recently - I introduced Ronja to them last year in Calais, and since then they´ve been our special french treat :) I do try creme fraiche, though, or sweet cream - but dairy products are so different everywhere, it´s hard to work with words.
Try the tangerine lamp - all you need is a tangerine and some oil, we´re doing it all the time, it´s really fun :)
Oh, and I knew your men is British, I read it on your blog - though I sometimes wondered if you have a post about how the two of you met? Maybe I´m just too curious, but I always like hearing people´s lovestories :)