Thursday, September 29, 2011

Late summer, short skirts, henna hands.

Oh what gorgeous days we had this week! It was summery hot, we could wear our short dresses and hang out in our favourite spot, the green meadow behind our house:
Yeah, I know I´ve posted about this place before. But hey, I just love it. Grass, kneehigh at last, to roll through, always berries or nuts to pick, horses passing by, cows nearby to eat grass from your outstretched hand, and the perfect climbing trees. Usually, the girls sit with me,
and we chat a little, or I read or think up stories, try to blowwhistle on blades of grass, while the boys do what boys do - run, run, run.
Makes them nicely tired :)
I hid some chocolate in a tree, and Ronja made a scavenger hunt writing directions with chalk on the street, and hanging little threads in the trees.
I love the color the wine has right now:
 And I love the colors of the skirt I made for Ronni:
I´m still thinking about adding more ruffles. I´ve got fabric scraps in a nice yellow and green shade, so I could add another layer, on top of the blue layer. But I´m scared I´ll spoil it, I like it the way it is right now.

And since it´s been a couple of days since I posted last - the weekend was quite fine, too.
It was partytime in our kindergarden, and one of the moms had brought some henna:
and, very artistically, painted all the little girls´ hands. And all the mothers´ hands. And little boys hands´. Well, almost all, because when she got tired of it, she asked me to step in, which I, very happily, did:
Poor kids who got me :) I really don´t see a career as a proffessional henna tattoo artist in my future - I´m just not good enough at drawing. But it was so much fun! And I love the fading Henna design on my right hand, and the fact that almost every person connected to this kindergarten has the same. Nice for bonding :)

Music for today:

Ah, I love the Smith twins! They are getting better and better, and I think this song suits Lindsey´s voice really well. More people should know them... so go ahead. Click the video and be nicely surprised :)

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