Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too much love will kill you - weekend review

Full week, stormy, rainy weather, blurry pics, lots of people and conversation and planning and organization and hugs, and very little silence, that was my week, and that´s what this post will look like - don´t expect any quality photograpy, you´re not going to get it :)

T´was the last week of school, well, technichally, there´s still one week left, but that doesn´t count, because that´s just chilling. But this last week, it was so crowded.
I had to organize the end of term celebration for Eva´s class...
...and attend the school musical in which Ronja performed....
and read stories about knights and castles in the library...
and wrap up my computer group in school....
and I got to meet the new first graders, the first first-grader´s I´ll help teaching right from the very beginning, and I don´t even have a kid in this class myself (so, well, that´s another first for me, too!), and that made me more excited than the kids, I believe. 

Tim spent three days in the Ukraine, and I got a surprise couch request from a Belgium pole-vaulter...
...and yes, I do look tired on this pic. Which might be a result of having Eva sleep in my bed since she fought with Ronja, and I just can´t sleep when a sturdy nine year old comes cuddling all night long, where I´d expect my husband to be. Or also because I stayed up until two o´clock with my guest, since she has a trainer from Saudi Arabia and a degree in law, and it was quite interesting to talk with her about criminal law versus family law versus a career as a pole vaulter. 
Which is a vocabulary I had to look up in first place. I know many words about sewing and crafting, but sport isn´t exactly my first interest. She was such a slim, fragile looking person, but she had upper arms that could wrestly down most men I know, I think. So that was fun, too. 

I also found a pretty cool chair on the waste...
See, I got this thing for free! Looks like a splendid throne, and it goes so well with Ronja´s harp and the old case I found last year. All I had to do was carrying it up the hill with my bike. And it´s pretty comfy, too!

And then Tim returned home...
...and brought me chocolate and cigarettes from the duty free store, and fancy Ukrainian money - did you know the currancy of the Ukraine is called Hrywnja? Well, I didn´t. 
And then we spontaniously celebrated Eva´s birthday party. Her birthday is in late December, and of course we had family over then, since it´s kind of pressed between Christmas and New Years Eve. But we never had a nice, classical kids-party for her ninth birthday. She´ll change school after the summer holidays, and none of her friends will go to the same school as she will. So we thought we´d end it all with a big bang.

Which meant we rented an LCD projector and rearranged our whole living room, and invited nine little girls over to sleep here for a night. Though, when I say sleep, that´s all relative. I went up to Eva´s room at one in the morning, and at two, and the last time, at three. They had just too much fun giggling and whispering dreams into each others ears. 
And before, we played with paper dolls, 
and made balloon  animals and pizza and popcorn, and danced in the living room to Taylor Swift, and the girls did a lot of dressing up and curling hair and painting fingernails, and now the wooden floor in Evas room got a few extra spots in pink and purple. Oh, and we watched Hannah Montana, which was a cultural experince in itsself, as well, and danced the Hoe-Down Trow-Down (was that written correctly?).

We had a huge breakfast in the morning, and they all were so ultimately cute and tired, with their make up stains and teenage clothing and crumbling temp-tats everywhere.
The last ones stayed until late in the afternoon.

But now, they are all gone, and everyone´s asleep. I just come back from a walk through the fields behind our house, oh, I will never, ever get enough of the light here, or the sound of the wind in the grass, or the feeling of the wet grass on my legs.
I never thought I was a rural person, but I think I´m turning into one. Rural in the sense of well fitted into her small town, growing her own veggies and loving the smell of fertilizer.
But maybe it´s just a side effect from all the Nick Hornby books I read this week, each of them is bound to leave the reader with a feeling of hugging the whole world.
I listened quite a lot to Ed Sheeran this week. But then I found Nick Drake, because he frequently appears in those Hornby books (I found an author who seems to be as religious about music as I am!), and I really regret I have never heard of him before - so here he is:

I love this song, because it sums up beautifully how options narrow down in a lifetime, how you could have been everything in the beginning, first, but then you pick something from this whole universe of options, just something, and because we only have quite a small lifespan, we simply can´t fit in everything. And what I like best is, this song doesn´t sound depressed about it. It sounds cheerfull and... well... like accepting it and still hugging the world.

And now, sweethearts, I´m off to bed. And Irina, I´ll mail you first thing in the morning :)

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Marisa and Brittany said...

Whew! You have a full and beautiful life, Helen :o) Thanks for sharing these special moments with us. It's good that you know when you need alone time (and does it get any better than nature to give just the reprieve we need?)